Google is nixing the Device Assist app for Nexus phones

Google is nixing the Device Assist app for Nexus phones

Google giveth, and then it taketh away. The latest casualty to undergo the Mountain View culling is the Device Assist app, which was built to offer quick tips, troubleshooting suggestions, and quick access to Google support.

Now when you fire up the app you’ll see a notice that it’s going away under the Detected Issues section. Touch the card and you’ll get a link for more information. That’ll send you over to an official Google tips page, where ironically the current featured tip is for iPhone users.

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The most critical issue you’ll see is that the Device Assist app is shutting down.

The app is still available from the Play Store, but surely this won’t be the case for long. If you have a Nexus phone and need help from Google, your best bet is to head to the support page where you can get assistance via chat or a phone call. 

The story behind the story: Google has become pretty quick about giving the axe to products that don’t gain traction. A recent example is the eliminating of the ”Together” feature from Android Wear. However, it wouldn’t be impossible to see some of these features come back in some form with the next Nexus phones, as Google has promised additional software features to make the Nexus line stand out.

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