CIOs really want simpler ‘intelligent’ systems
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CIOs really want simpler ‘intelligent’ systems

Chatbots, digital assistants, and AI might be a seriously hot topic, but actually adopting and implementing your very own HAL-9000 is still a daunting task for CIOs.

According to a new report from Ipswitch, 88% of IT professionals say their organization has adopted some kind of ‘intelligent’ system – anything from natural language bots, electronic assistants, expert decision support systems, IT automation technology, to full on machine learning.

However, over three quarters (78%) of the 521 people surveyed said they were struggling to assess the all the challenges and threats around deploying such systems, as well as the impact they have.

Other challenges to adoption include making the business case for investment, actually acquiring the technology, ensuring skills have the right staff, as well as implementing the adequate policies and security measures.

“Today’s IT professionals are struggling to keep up with the fast-paced rate of technological changes and formulating relevant strategies and plans to tackle the impact of intelligent systems is proving a make or break challenge,” said Rob Farmer, EMEA Senior Director Partner and Alliances at Ipswitch.

While the report suggests IT pros understand the benefits such intelligence systems can bring to both operations and the success of a business, almost 20% already report issues created from implementing intelligent systems. These range from commercial damage from poor system decision making, increasing complacency and de-skilling current workers, to systems “going totally rogue and wreaking havoc”. Almost 50% of IT professionals predict these will be risks in the future.


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