Aukey 30000 PowerBank review: Don’t let its price or looks fool you, this battery pack does it all

Aukey 30000 PowerBank review: Don’t let its price or looks fool you, this battery pack does it all

Note: The following is part of our roundup of USB-C battery packs.

The $46 Aukey 30000mAh Type-C Power Bank ($44.99 on Amazon) is a mixed experience. On the one hand, it offers true Quick Charge 3.0 support and a USC-C port.

On the other, its giant 30,000mAh (111Wh) battery isn’t the most efficient. During the discharge test, the power bank reported 89.10Wh of power released, amounting to 80.27% efficiency. It’s not a horrible number, but it’s not the best out of the bunch.

If you’ve ever picked up a brick, you already have a good idea of the overall shape, size, and weight of the battery pack. Aukey more or less slapped a plastic housing around the internal batteries and circuitry and called it a day.

On the top of the pack is a power button, which you’ll need to press before the pack begins charging any connected devices. If you continue to hold the button in, there’s a small flashlight that turns on, helping you find your way in the dark.

At first, the thought of a small light being built into a battery pack is a bit puzzling. But after more thought, I can see the value in having a flashlight built into a battery pack during a power outage. The first thing I usually reach for is a flashlight, followed by a battery pack.

The front of the pack has four ports. A USB-C port for charging the pack, or charging another device. A microUSB port for charging the pack only. And then two standard USB-A ports. The orange colored port is the QC 3.0 port. The green color port is a standard 5V/2.4A charging port.

The ports work as advertised, triggering QC 3.0 on the LG G5 and rapidly charging the Pixel XL using the USB-C port.

Charging the power bank took 9:43, beating the similarly sized ToughJuice pack by nearly 4 hours.

Included with the pack is a USB-A to USB-C cable.

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