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    Regulatory Compliance


A legal viewpoint on the tech supply chain scandals

Research shows tech companies need to press the reset button on human rights due diligence



Rant: Bring back the ducking stool for IT contracts

With an election looming, Britain’s scientists are calling on the government to do something. Anything. And Everything.



HIPAA Compliance and Privacy Issues

Legislation is only ever as good as our command of the technology


Extended SEPA deadline may keep German electronic payment...

A six-month deadline extension could be enough to keep Germany's electronics payment system running, new German Central Bank figures on SEPA payment adoption showed...


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    Regulatory Compliance

Symantec Corporation

Regulatory Compliance

Guidelines Toward Achieving Proactive Compliance

"Proactive Compliance" is a new way of approaching the compliance process. It looks beyond the mere obligation to pass an audit and embraces the compliance...


Regulatory Compliance

Make Compliance Work For You

Discover the five important steps to build embedded compliance architecture. Read on to learn how to deliver the best possible value for your IT budget...

Symantec Corporation

Data Privacy and Security

Anatomy of a Data Breach

For organizations that have critical information assets such as customer data, intellectual property, trade secrets, and proprietary corporate data, the...


Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Manage enterprise data with Integrated Data Management

To successfully harness organizational data to business goals and manage data and data-driven applications so they deliver business value, enterprises...


Regulatory Compliance

Foundations of GRC: Streamlining Compliance

Learn how to develop a streamlined compliance solution to maintain sustainability, consistency, efficiency, transparency and accountability.


Database Management

Forrester – Your Enterprise Database Security Strategy 2010...

Enterprises must establish a database security strategy that goes beyond authentication, authorization and access control. The key to successful database...


Data Privacy and Security

Closing the Data Privacy Gap: Protecting Sensitive Data...

The ideal data privacy solution must provide the necessary data masking techniques to satisfy the simplest and most complex policy requirements. These...


Master Data Management

Data Growth Challenges Demand Proactive Data Management...

Most organizations do not have a firm handle on how to manage their data growth, particularly unstructured, file-based information – the fastest growing...


Data Privacy and Security

Forrester – Test Data Privacy is Critical to Meet Compliances...

Just because data is stored in a test or development environment does not release your firm from the responsibility to comply with privacy regulations....

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Thinking Different

Today’s tech can’t beat my stupid email response

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


China Rising

The South China Sea: A new hacking hotspot

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond


CIO Watch

Losing CIOs to startups could be costly

Mark Chillingworth on IT leadership

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