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    IT & Systems Management


The Ballad of IT Interruptions

A summary of the findings of a recent survey into the impact that IT interruptions had on businesses – and even employees' personal lives.


Nest now works with Mercedes, Jawbone, Whirlpool and more...

Google-owned Nest is letting its products get cozy with other devices and apps like health trackers, home appliances, even cars.



Google opens Glass sales in the UK, for £1,000 a pop

Google Glass is now available to any adult living in the U.K., as the company eyes international expansion of its head mounted computer system.


Source: Apple's iWatch will hit production in July with...

The iWatch won't be an official product until it's announced on the stage of an Apple press event, but a Thursday report lends more credibility to rumors that Apple's...



Sony Smartband is finally available in the U.S. two months...

It sure took a while, but Sony's SmartBand SWR10 lifestyle-tracking wristband has officially been announced for the U.S. market.


USB transfer rates could rival Thunderbolt before long

Although data transfer rates on USB will double in the coming months, a standards-setting organization is researching ways to double that speed to 20Gbps.



Curved screen TVs expected to quickly flatten out

Curved screen televisions are nothing more than a gimmick, and one that will quickly die off once users realize anyone watching from the periphery has a sub-par...



MIT tackled Earth's atmosphere to give the moon broadband...

Four transmitting telescopes in the New Mexico desert, each just 6 inches in diameter, can give a satellite orbiting the moon faster Internet access than many U.S....


Wearables and design will be big at Google I/O

Google's annual I/O conference for developers takes place next month in San Francisco, and it looks like wearable computing will hog much of the limelight, along...

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    IT & Systems Management


IT & Systems Management

Reducing Operating Expenses through Modernization of the...

It’s crucial for your organization to gain a solid understanding of your email backbone and your messaging infrastructure. Take the first step and watch...

IBM and Intel

IT & Systems Management

The New Generation of System X Servers: Lower datacenter...

Join Intel and IBM for a deep dive into the new Intel Xeon 5500 Series Processor rack servers from IBM System x. Learn more about the features and functions...

IBM and Intel

IT & Systems Management

Increase Business Value with SPARC Migration

The undefined future of Sun’s hardware business puts your infrastructure at great risk for forced migration and increased cost. But don’t worry, IBM has...

Itanium Solutions Alliance

IT & Systems Management

Managing Enterprise Data with Windows on Itanium-based Systems...

Watch “Managing Enterprise Data with Windows on Itanium-based Systems” and learn how to maximize the capability and reliability of your data center’s hardware...

IBM and Intel

IT & Systems Management

Stay Ahead of the Curve with New System x and BladeCenter...

With the portfolio of Intel® Xeon® processor-based rack, blade and iDataPlex servers from IBM System x and BladeCenter, your business has access to even...


IT & Systems Management

Getting the Most Out of Your Migration to SIP Trunking

As part of the migration to an all IP infrastructure, enterprises are adopting Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking to replace expensive ISDN trunk...

Tipping Point

IT & Systems Management

Securing Critical Data and IT Infrastructure in Healthcare...

 Healthcare organizations are in the midst of a complete turn around in regard to information security and privacy. Times have changed. Through the onslaught...


Business Management

Tecnología inteligente con valor de negocio: La verdad sobre...

Join this IBM event in Madrid to find out more about smart technology with business value and the truth about cost reductions.


Enterprise Systems Management

Is your organisation ready to take advantage of Windows...

Join Tony Lock, industry analyst at Freeform Dynamics and Ray Barber, senior product specialist at Kaseya as they discuss why the adoption of Windows 7...

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