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Regulatory Compliance

Make Compliance Work For You

Discover the five important steps to build embedded compliance architecture. Read on to learn how to deliver the best possible value for your IT budget...


Database Migration

Accelerating Data Migration with WAN Optimization

This Enterprise Strategy Group report explains how WAN optimization can help make data migrations easier. Learn how to send large amounts of data over...


Database Migration

The Five Pitfalls of Data Migration - And How to Avoid Them...

This white paper can help you avoid the top five common pitfalls of data migration. Learn how to achieve effective data migration as a foundation for many...


Backup Systems and Services

4 Steps to a Simple, Secure Migration

This white paper breaks down the migration process into four steps and provides best practices for each stage.


Data Center Management

Tame the Network and Security Challenges of a Data Center...

This paper outlines some of the technology challenges in a data center migration project and how you can overcome them.


Data Center Management

Secure Data Center Migration with the Tufin Orchestration...

This paper introduces the Tufin Orchestration Suite and outlines how it can help with data center migration projects.


Database Migration

How to Migrate Your Help Desk System

Learn about the migration strategy in four Ps.


Database Migration

4 Critical Risks Facing Microsoft Office 365 Implementation...

This Concentrated Technology paper outlines four key considerations to bear in mind during an Office 365 implementation.


Business Intelligence Software

Buyer's Guide to Data Analytics and Visualization

This CITO Research paper acts a buyer’s guide to big data analytics & visualization tools.

Dell, Inc. & Intel®

Database Migration

Convergence’s Early Adopters: Three Trends in Migration...

Learn how converged systems bring value to the enterprise today and tomorrow, and see how Dell PowerEdge FX solutions smooth the road to convergence.

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