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Dropbox trades more blows with Box in a fight to the end...

Dropbox and Box are trading blows to own the market for cloud file sharing and collaboration


Why do Latin Americans pay more for cloud computing?

A recent study suggests that cloud computing is not democratising access to IT around the world



Eight big problems with cloud computing

For a contrary point of view on cloud, we asked our regular rant author and cynic


Box CEO zones into safe sharing spaces in a scary world...

Box CEO Aaron Levie is creating regional storage zones to quell fears over data residency



Firms sign on to more clouds from startups and veterans...

A new survey suggests cloud is growing in popularity from Slack to Microsoft


Nutanix CEO stays cagey on role in rebooting tech IPOs

Dheeraj Pandey, CEO of Nutanix, may be the man who restarts technology IPOs after a rare recent hiatus



OnApp touts cloud platform unions to stop oligarchy

OnApp, a UK maker of a cloud platform for service providers, wants them to club together to fight giants


Cloud computing is 15 years old today (even if it’s nebulous)...

In 2001, New York Times reporter John Markoff used ‘cloud’ to describe a movement that was to change computing



Banks finally welcome cloud computing cover

Once extremely wary, banking CIOs are now extending a grateful welcome to cloud computing

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EMC Corporation

Cloud Computing

Private Cloud Means Business: Costs Down and Agility Up...

Private cloud is a new better way to organize and manage information technology resources and services- and a new and better way for a business to consume...

EMC Corporation

Cloud Computing

The Private Cloud Report

Leverage years of joint EMC® and VMware® product integration and engineering to benefit from virtualised solutions that are fully tested and qualified...

CA Technologies

Cloud Computing

Cloud Service Management

Cloud computing, virtualization, and on-demand solutions are evolving to address system complexity. Service management is paramount to help manage the...


Storage Virtualization

Integrating Storage and Network Virtualization: A prerequisite...

This research discusses file-based workloads and how tight integration between key infrastructure components, specifically storage and networking, allows...

Blue Coat

Content Delivery Networks

2010 Application Delivery Handbook by Webtorials/Jim Metzler...

Learn how IT organizations can develop a solid approach to applications delivery and how next generation acceleration technologies can help reclaim bandwidth...

CA Technologies

Cloud Computing

How Cloud can Help to Clear the Way

This CA Technologies insight features original Gartner research and includes supporting articles to help organizations overcome strategic misconceptions....

EMC Corporation

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Step by Step

This paper outlines trends reflecting the understanding of cloud computing in businesses. Discover the most common misunderstandings and the importance...

EMC Corporation

Cloud Computing

Private Cloud Means Business – Costs Down and Agility Up...

This paper explains why now is the time to consider implementing a private cloud infrastructure. Learn how to private cloud drives costs down and agility...

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CIO Watch

Banks finally welcome cloud computing cover

Mark Chillingworth on IT leadership


Thinking Different

Bitcoin anonymity advocates ignore a darker truth

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


China Rising

Watchdogs get tough on China’s US investments

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond

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