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Q&A: AI and the supply chain

Shariq Mansoor, CEO of FusionOps, talks AI and the supply chain


Machine learning innovator, Simon Chan, tempers the white...

Simon Chan of Salesforce’s PredictionIO discusses “crossing the AI chasm” at ApacheCon Europe



Hortonworks CEO still bullish on Big Data prospects

Rob Bearden, the CEO of Hadoop and Big Data pioneer Hortonworks, says these are still early days for the movement


Why big data is hype… but data analytics isn’t

Vibin Vijay explains why data analytics needs to become the new normal



Databricks has designs on democratising Deep Learning

Databricks CEO Ali Ghodsi wants to remove the technical debt of deep learning.


Taking baby steps with Big Data

Looking for the magical power of computers to harness data? You may wait a long time!



Zalando relies on technology to aid fashionistas

Eric Bowman of German online apparel giant is betting on artificial intelligence to take fashion further


Riyad Mahrez and how tech transforms football’s talent hunt...

Football clubs are turning to technology tools to unearth the next star players



Brazil’s Mappa charts personal development versus content...

A Sao Paulo startup wants to help users find more nutritious content that will help them grow as human beings

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Master Data Management

Data, Data Everywhere: A Report on Managing Information...

This special report from The Economist covers the phenomenon of the Data Deluge--everywhere you look, the quantity of information in the world is soaring....


Master Data Management

Ovum Whitepaper: Strategic Value of Data for Attracting...

Find out why data matters in acquiring and retaining customers, which rules to use for integrating and managing customer data, and how to evaluate data...


Business Intelligence Software

Overcome the Top 5 BI and ETL Pain Points

This paper examines the top five process management pain points that can arise when using business intelligence and ETL. Learn how to overcome them with...


Analytics Software

Five Predictive Imperatives for Maximizing Customer Value...

This white paper from IBM describes how a set of five predictive imperatives can help ensure that your company maximizes the value of its customer relationships...


Analytics Software

Survey Tips: A guide to help plan, develop and execute surveys...

Download this handy guide to help you save time and money as you plan and execute your surveys – and get the highest response rate and the most useful...


Technology Planning and Analysis

Technology Trends & Future Predictions 2013

Technology is evolving rapidly and many believe that the IT trends identified for 2012 will continue to remain top of the agenda for 2013. So what does...

EMC Corporation

Database Management

Big Data. Evolution? Game Changer? Definitely.

EMC’s Bill Schmarzo and consultant Ben Woo weigh in on whether Big Data is revolutionary, evolutionary, or both.

European Commission

Data Mining

Big Data: Artificial Intelligence

This European Commission report outlines the potential of AI for big data, the drivers and obstacles faced in adoption, and Europe-wide policy recommendations....


Business Intelligence Software

Buyer's Guide to Data Analytics and Visualization

This CITO Research paper acts a buyer’s guide to big data analytics & visualization tools.


Customer Data Integration

Buyer’s Guide to Big Data Integration

This CITO Research paper describes why big data integration is so important, and what to look for in selecting a solution.

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