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Curb ICT suppliers’ contract power by plugging legal holes...

Outsourcing and other IT contracts are often opaque and stacked in favour of suppliers – here’s how to fix that


Why the Philippines is shaping up to be the next global...

Outsourcing and home-grown start-ups are boosting the Philippines’ tech industry



“Outsource Romania”: Why Romania is new outsourcing hotspot...

A look at why Romania is increasingly becoming an outsourcing destination of choice for UK businesses


Qrates courts Japan’s love of vinyl records

A new service lets artists outsource vinyl pressing and associated processes



How Will the New Indian Government Impact Tech?

On 26 May 2014 Narendra Modi was sworn in as Indian prime minister – what will this mean for tech business?


Freelance Economy Disrupts Pakistani Unemployment

The web has given hope to 10 million unemployed as Pakistan has emerged as one of the largest contractor talent pools



No Brain Drain in Bulgaria as IT Experts Stay Put

EU rules about migration to the UK, Germany and France are relaxing but don’t expect a surge from Bulgarian IT experts


New Zealand Goes from Film Set to IT Outsourcing Hub

Australia’s smaller neighbour is coming out of its shadows in outsourcing



India: Engineering & the Returning Diaspora

Neeraj Varma, Director of Sales for Xilinx India, discusses the local market, the returning diaspora and why India is the engineering centre of the world


“Bangalore Calling”: IT Enclaves vs. the Rest of the City...

Brinda S. Narayan, author of “Bangalore Calling” discusses Indian outsourcing and how it impacts the local culture on the ground.

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Business Process Management (BPM)

The Impact of Technology on Cost in Business Process Outsourcing...

Gain insight into the true cost of a BPO engagement - beyond what is typically reflected in the BPO provider's service price - and learn how technology,...

CA Technologies

Cloud Computing

Tackling the Five Greatest Challenges of Cloud Service Sprawl...

This white paper can help you tackle cloud services sprawl in your organization. It details the five main challenges and can help you set a strategy for...



Should I Outsource Infrastructure?

This white paper looks at the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing your infrastructure.

Peer1 Hosting

Infrastructure Management

Relinquished IT control

What are your biggest fears about outsourcing infrastructure?



Ambitious Brands Need Effective Content Translation

This video provides a summary of research of how organizations are approaching content translation.



Enterprises Show High Demand for Localized Digital Content...

This IDG Connect white paper examines businesses current approach to digital content translation and localization.



How Music Discovery App Shazam Gained Fluency in 25 Languages...

This video looks at how music discovery app Shazam used translation technology to gain fluency in over 20 languages.


Cloud Computing

Successfully Navigating The Data-Centre-to-Cloud Migration...

This brief looks at why Macquarie Telecom is the ideal partner for delivering hybrid cloud services.

Future Processing

Offshore Outsourcing

Unlock the Potential of Nearshoring

This paper looks at how nearshoring can help your company embark on the journey of reinvention.


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