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This month in tech history: October – First iPod released...

The first line of iPods was released on 23 October 2001, almost 18 months before the iTunes Music Store was launched.


Get a grip: Have robotic hands come of age?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has got to grips with robotic dexterity, says Prof. Alberto Rodriquez



BRCK latest plan to change education in Africa

Built in Africa, made for Africa; BRCK is set to enter into the education sector in Kenya and provide stable internet and electricity connection.



Look, no hands! Will Canada’s Myo armband replace the mouse?...

Stephen Lake, CEO and Co-founder of Thalmic Labs, on the Myo armband that controls applications with hand gestures.



Robophilia: What’s the psychological impact of sex tech?...

We look at how the rise of sex tech is likely to impact people and society


Aurora: A revolution in ‘active’ sleep

How the launch of brainwave sensing headband Aurora, in about four months, could change the way we dream



Rant: Paper still beats digital for many tasks

The ancient combination of paper and ink remains a wonderfully flexible medium for keeping our thoughts


Will using your Apple Watch land you a traffic ticket?

How the case of a ticketed Quebec driver reveals grey areas in traffic legislation and wearables use

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Handheld Devices

Sybase Solutions for iPhone

The iPhone has emerged as one of the top mobile devices used in the enterprise. Join this on-demand webcast to learn about device security and management,...


Technology Planning and Analysis

Mobilizing Innovation: The Changing Landscape of Disruptive...

The speed with which technology advances indicates a need to constantly assess the business implications of disruptive technologies. This white paper...

World Economic forum

Software & Web Development

Technology Pioneers 2013: Pushing New Frontiers

New technologies allow us to make things better, faster and cheaper. This report outlines 23 companies that have been selected as Technology Pioneers 2013...

IDG Connect

Wireless Technologies

Building Bridges Across LatAm’s Digital Divide

Is Latin America’s Digital Divide Shrinking? New research suggests it might be. Find out what business & IT professionals from LatAm and further afield...

IDG Connect


Robots, Tablets & Social Media: The Impact of Consumer Technology...

This research paper from IDG Connect looks at how consumer technology is impacting healthcare and what this means for the patient-doctor relationship....


System Design & Management

Imagining Technology

This paper reviews the evidence about influences that science fiction may have on technology and innovation.


Mobile Working

Defining Success: 2013 Global Research Results

This report presents the results of a global survey to see how professionals define success in their careers, personal lives and the never-ending quest...


Mobile Applications

Realize the full potential of the mobile enterprise

This paper looks at how enterprises can transform themselves into a mobile-centric organization.

Rogers Communications

Mobile Communications

Rogers Innovation Report: Tech Trends 2013

This Innovation Report examines Canadian tech habits for 2013 and speculates on the future.

IDG Connect

Handheld Technology

The Interactive eBooks Revolution: A Tristram Shandy Approach...

New report based on research to over 250 global IT professionals blended with expert commentary from writers, publishers and eBooks companies worldwide...

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Is re-introducing the BBC microbit a good way to encourage kids into tech?”