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First Windows Phone 8.1 phone due out this week in Asia...

The first smartphone carrying Windows Phone 8.1 starts shipping this week in Asia, even as Microsoft continues tweaking that latest version of its mobile OS.


Social Learning in Rural India

Classle has integrated the power of cloud computing with social networking to enable education to reach rural India.



Airbnb adds instant booking for sponteneous LA and SF trips...

Airbnb has a new service for San Francisco and Los Angeles travelers and residents who enjoy spontaneity, or at least who don't like to plan.


Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 could be released on June 24...

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 will be released on June 24 according to a Windows Phone support page, although it's not clear whether carriers will begin pushing...



Facebook kills Poke and Camera apps

Facebook has removed its standalone Poke app, an early clone of Snapchat, as well as its Camera app, from Apple's iTunes app store.


Snapchat settles FTC deception charges, will be monitored...

Snapchat has touted its mobile service as a platform for making messages vanish, but now it's being forced to own up to collecting and keeping information about...



Marissa Mayer tells you why you should try Yahoo

News, email and photo-sharing are some of the most popular services on the Web. Marissa Mayer knows that, and they're some of the reasons she thinks you should try...


Google Maps app now links up with Uber

An intriguing feature that lets people find out how long they'd have to wait for an Uber ride is one of the new navigation tools in Google Maps' mobile app.



Google Now gets smarter for real-world scenarios

Whether you've lost your car or lost your Internet connection, Google Now is getting a little more helpful.


Facebook grows up as a software firm, though some developers...

Facebook is not your scrappy startup anymore. It's providing a host of tools for third-party developers aimed at catching bugs swiftly, more toolkit options and...

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