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Windows 10: Microsoft’s realistic answer to changing times...

Microsoft’s new operating system lacks the razzmatazz attached to earlier versions of Windows


The best PC laptops of the year

Just a couple of years ago, you couldn't get past page one of a large business newspaper or website without seeing some "expert" making prognostications of the imminent...



Lenovo's first 4K IdeaPad laptops missing 4K displays

Users looking for IdeaPad laptops with 4K screens, some of the earliest laptops of their kind, are going to have to wait longer because they just shipped -- only,...


Dell moving Project Ophelia to consumers

Dell is making updates to its Android-based, thumb-size PC called Wyse Cloud Connect -- widely known as Project Ophelia -- as the company moves to make the stick...



Lenovo announces N20p Chromebook with touchscreen and 300-degree...

Lenovo's new N20p, announced Monday night, might look like any other compact Chromebook--there are plenty of them, and most are unremarkable. But the N20p offers...


Lenovo brings a twist to Chromebook design with N20p touchscreen...

Lenovo is bringing a unique design to Chromebooks with the N20p Chromebook, which has a touchscreen that can rotate roughly 300 degrees to a "stand mode."



Trendnet TEW-714TRU travel router: This device has one great...

You have to wonder why there are so many types of electrical plugs in the world. It's a pain in the neck that Trendnet remedies by providing three swappable plugs:...


Netgear Trek PR2000 travel router: A little slower, but...

Netgear's PR2000 Trek travel router finished first in terms of range, and it placed a strong second in terms of throughput. It doesn't have as many features as some...



Acer chairman to leave PC maker in June, no replacement...

After six months as Acer's chairman, company co-founder Stan Shih plans to step down on June 18, saying he is satisfied with the PC maker's new direction.


Hands on with Acer's Aspire Switch 10

Acer's dual-purpose Aspire Switch 10 can function as a Windows 8 tablet and laptop, but the shape-shifting product's uniqueness is in its magnetic keyboard base,...

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Remote Access Technologies

Checklist for an Employee-Owned Notebook or PC Program

Provide employees complete control over their personal computing technology and free IT from managing non-strategic assets to focus on high-value, high...


Remote Access Technologies

Solution Brief: BYO – Rethinking Your Device Strategy

Provide your employees and contractors the freedom and flexibility to use their own computer for work—while eliminating security, control and support issues....


Mobile Device Management

The Road Ahead: eBooks, eTextbooks and Publishers’ Electronic...

eBooks are now a part of everyday life as more and more people own personal eReaders. But what about eTextbooks? Some schools have adopted eBooks and...

Liberty University

Mobile Device Management

Discovering the Potential of e-books as Effective Learning...

E-books may be well accepted at home, but how popular are they in schools? Are e-books effective as a learning tool? This report explains the results...

Dell, Inc


Get Better Performance with the New Dell Precision M3800...

This Data sheet compares the performance of Adobe Premier Pro CC on the Dell Precision M3800 vs Apple Macbook Pro.

Dell, Inc. & Intel®


How to Select and Configure the Right Workstation

Learn about the 6 things to know before configuring your workstation … Find the right workstation for business, featuring Intel® Xeon® processors, to...

Dell, Inc. & Intel®


Making the Case for Professional Engineering Workstations...

Professional workstations are crucial to design engineering, and more affordable than you think.

Dell, Inc. & Intel®


Why Your Business Needs Touch

This infographic reveals why businesses need touch.

Dell, Inc. & Intel®

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Change Your Desktops, Change Your Business Infographic

View this infographic for tips on how to lower IT costs and boost employee productivity for a competitive edge.

Dell, Inc. & Intel®


Cheat Sheet: Mobility and Your Remote Workforce: What to...

This Cheat Sheet paper discusses the points you should consider when selecting notebooks and laptops for your mobile and remote workforce.

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Is re-introducing the BBC microbit a good way to encourage kids into tech?”