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    Communications Services


e-Government Across Africa 2014

As Africa sees great growth in internet penetration, governments seem sluggish in adapting technology to provide public service.



Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: An Expert View

The missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has got everyone baffled. With so many means of communicating, how could this have happened? Ayesha Salim investigates....


SA: Government Interventions for Sustainable Comms

How should the South African government overhaul the country's communications legislation?



A Seminal Panic about Defence IT: The Marconi Scam, 1913...

100 years on, corruption at a UK telco contains lessons on Snowden, Huawei and globalisation


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    Communications Services


Communications Services

The ‘Smart Working’ Handbook

This special edition handbook explores the new practices enabling organizations to become more flexible. Discover why ‘smart working’ should be at the...

Siemens Enterprise Communications

Unified Communications

2012 State of Enterprise Communications

This report reveals the latest trends in unified communications. Read about the adoption rates all over the world in this brand new report.


Communications Software

Aging Communications Systems: Risks And Opportunities

After several years of little or no investment in telephony equipment, enterprise communications systems are aging to the point that performance is degrading....


Collaborative Working

Steve’s Guide to Collaboration: Maximise the effectiveness...

With this increasing disconnection between office and work, it is increasingly true that work is not a place we go to, it’s something we do now. See the...


Communications Services

Monetizing the Digital Experience with Convergent Charging...

This white paper looks at how CSPs can create customer-centric strategies to boost revenues


Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Insider: Quarterly insight into customer engagement strategies...

This e-Book includes articles on Live Chat support, the science of eCommerce and alternative customer communication channels.


Mobile Communications

Consolidation and convergence

Discover how to successfully achieve unified comunications


Master Data Management

The Guide to People Data Activation

Discover the six capabilities of People Data Activation.


Project Management and Collaboration

Get Ready for the Power Meeters

This infographic looks at the trends of meeting-orientated workers and how they can benefit the business if given the right collaboration tools.


Mobile Communications

Effective Mobile Engagement

This report assesses the rise of mobile engagement globally.

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