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Ethernet filters out porn, plus 9 other facts (?) we learned...

Bob Metcalfe, who 40 years ago invented Ethernet along with David Boggs, spent two hours this week regaling Reddit users with his thoughts on everything from software-defined...


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Adder Corporation

Networking & Communications

The Impacts of System to Display Connectivity (SDC) on the...

If you are a signage provide, here is the white paper you have been looking for. Read on to discover how to out-perform your competitors and achieve full...


Network Management

The Pragmatic Path to Achieving NAC Results

This EMA white paper offers essential implementation, process and control considerations for achieving network access control (NAC). Discover more about...

Cisco Systems, Inc.


Cisco Smart Business Architecture LAN Design Overview Validated...

Get prescriptive design guidance with the Cisco Smart Business Architecture (SBA) LAN Design Overview. You'll find network design and deployment best practices...



Fortinet Unified Access Layer Architecture

The increasing popularity of mobile devices and the need for cost reduction are driving Wireless LAN (WLAN) adoption. But security can a difficult beast...

HP Software


Introducing 802.11ac Wave 2

This on-demand video from Aruba outlines the benefits of 802.11ac over 11n, and highlights the difference between Wave 1 and Wave 2 technology.

Cisco Systems, Inc.


Cisco Design Guide at a Glance: Campus Wireless LAN Technology...

This Design Guide summary provides you with an overview of the Cisco Campus Wireless LAN Technology Design Guide.



Enhance performance with passive optical LAN

A POL deployment enhances the service experience, reduces costs, and delivers value for decades.



Guest Wi-Fi just got upgraded! Introducing Passive Optical...

This is a story about guest Wi-Fi, about Ethernet versus POL, about dark versus light.



Saving energy with a greener LAN

And IT is an area that has always received a lot of attention because of its potential to reduce energy consumption as well as boost business performance....



What to use when your Ethernet LAN maxes out

Passive Optical LAN (POL) is to the traditional Ethernet LAN what fiber-to-the-home is to traditional copper telephone lines. POL brings the power of fiber...

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Thinking Different

Today’s tech can’t beat my stupid email response

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


China Rising

The South China Sea: A new hacking hotspot

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond


CIO Watch

Losing CIOs to startups could be costly

Mark Chillingworth on IT leadership

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