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    Wireless Technologies


CODE_n: Needle-gripper ROBOCHOP, 3D printing and IoT

Thoughts on CODE_n event in London showcasing startups and chopping robots.


Crowdsourcing Innovation: Oleg Artamonov, Black Swift

Crowdfunding sites are offering a new path for inventors with original ideas. We talk to inventors looking to gain the public’s favour...



CEO of Sentient: AI is Not Replacing Human Intelligence...

Antoine Blondeau, CEO of AI start up Sentient discusses the future of artificial intelligence.


WiFi Direct v Bluetooth: Which Will Win?

Is WiFi Direct on a collision course with Bluetooth for the Internet of Things?



Will Robotics Transform Japan?

We look at whether Japan can continue to win the robotics race and what this will mean for the country


IT and the Digital Divide in India

How serious is the digital divide and how is it impacting Indian society?



The Rise and Rise of ‘Illegal’ Drones

The drone business could be worth $90 billion in a decade, why is there no framework in place?


Friday Rant: We’re Losing Our Memories

What will future historians learn about our society if we crash and burn like the Incas and Mayans? Not much.



Braven releases bluetooth speaker forged from aircraft grade...

Just when you thought the portable Bluetooth speaker market was brimming with a range of fantastic products, Braven weighs in with an entrant so well equipped, it...


Jongo S3 wireless speaker is flexible but offers unimpressive...

Thanks to the growing popularity of AirPlay, and wireless speakers from the likes of Sonos, multi-room audio is finding its way into an increasing number of homes....

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    Wireless Technologies

Trapeze Networks

Wireless Technologies

Nonstop Wireless: Securing WiFi Networks in Higher Education...

For years in the corporate world, networking gurus have spoken of something called "always-on enterprises." These are businesses that require connectivity...

Opera Software

Mobile Applications

State of the Mobile Web, November 2010

Based on research from Opera software, this report covers the current state of the mobile web and includes a regional spotlight on Latin America.

Regional Dialogue on the Information Society

Mobile Communications

Tariffs and the affordability gap in mobile telephone services...

This paper explores tariffs and the affordability gap in mobile telephone services across the continent.

Meru Networks


Virtual WLANs: Making the All-Wireless Enterprise a Reality...

Wireless device proliferation, wireless technology enhancements, the growing mobile worker population, and the challenging economic environment are driving...

Meru Networks


Top 10 Things CIOs Need to Know About Virtualized Wireless...

This document outlines how WLAN Virtualization helps CIOs do more with less.

Meru Networks


Top 10 Things Network Managers Need to Know About Virtualized...

This document outlines the myriad of ways that Network Managers benefit with Meru's solution.

Meru Networks


The Extended Enterprise: The New Frontier of Wireless Networking...

High speeds of 802.11n are now allowing the extended enterprise to unwire, abandoning fixed infrastructure in favor of flexible wireless. Learn how Meru...

Aruba Networks

Networking & Communications

Designing Wi-Fi for Multimedia in the Age of the iPad

This case study explains how you can create highly capable Wi-Fi networks for today’s multimedia-heavy devices such as iPads.

Celerant Technology

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications for Retail Operations

With 29.9% of retailers planning to deploy mobile POS in 2012, Celerant has developed its first round of mobile retail operations in jQuery, a cross-browser...

Cisco Systems, Inc.


Cisco CleanAir Technology: Intelligence in Action

This white paper addresses the RF interference challenges that result from high usage of a shared spectrum. Discover the benefits of integrating RF intelligence...

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Tech Transformations

We can end this new IT security Cold War

Rupert Goodwins’ unique angle on tech change


China Rising

Look before you leap into an Asian IT role this year

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond


Thinking Different

How much are banks risking on mobile services?

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


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