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    Wireless Technologies


What does the future of driverless cars look like?

Prof. Nick Reed of TRL talks about adoption models, car ownership and inevitable fatalities.


The robots are coming… and they’ll change everything

AI and automation will reconfigure our quaint notions of business futures and risk metrics



London’s driverless pods are coming but how will the public...

Driverless pods will be on the roads in London in the summer but how will the British public react?


C-Suite Talk Fav Tech: Simon Culmer, Avaya

Simon Culmer wishes some technologies on their way to extinction already.



RIP AI Pioneer Marvin Minsky

AI Pioneer Marvin Minsky has passed away at the age of 88.


C-Suite Talk Fav Tech: Iain McConchie, The App Business...

Iain McConchie talks about his eye-opening ZX Spectrum experience and why he’s a fan of the Tweetbot.



Quotes of the week: David Bowie, Bitcoin, & Aliens

Some of the best quotes from the tech industry this week.


Mail by drone and robot exercise make Singapore smarter...

In Singapore, futuristic technology is being tapped to make the nation work better



Space poll: Alien fears & Branson vs. Musk for ‘President...

Our new video and infographic show IT professionals’ views of space tourism


Pigeons & cyclists: Is there anything left to say about...

Following the hype at CES, we catch-up with a bunch of experts to source opinion on the future of drones

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    Wireless Technologies

Trapeze Networks

Wireless Technologies

Nonstop Wireless: Securing WiFi Networks in Higher Education...

For years in the corporate world, networking gurus have spoken of something called "always-on enterprises." These are businesses that require connectivity...

Opera Software

Mobile Applications

State of the Mobile Web, November 2010

Based on research from Opera software, this report covers the current state of the mobile web and includes a regional spotlight on Latin America.

Regional Dialogue on the Information Society

Mobile Communications

Tariffs and the affordability gap in mobile telephone services...

This paper explores tariffs and the affordability gap in mobile telephone services across the continent.

Meru Networks


Virtual WLANs: Making the All-Wireless Enterprise a Reality...

Wireless device proliferation, wireless technology enhancements, the growing mobile worker population, and the challenging economic environment are driving...

Meru Networks


Top 10 Things CIOs Need to Know About Virtualized Wireless...

This document outlines how WLAN Virtualization helps CIOs do more with less.

Meru Networks


Top 10 Things Network Managers Need to Know About Virtualized...

This document outlines the myriad of ways that Network Managers benefit with Meru's solution.

Meru Networks


The Extended Enterprise: The New Frontier of Wireless Networking...

High speeds of 802.11n are now allowing the extended enterprise to unwire, abandoning fixed infrastructure in favor of flexible wireless. Learn how Meru...

Aruba Networks

Networking & Communications

Designing Wi-Fi for Multimedia in the Age of the iPad

This case study explains how you can create highly capable Wi-Fi networks for today’s multimedia-heavy devices such as iPads.

Cisco Systems, Inc.


Cisco CleanAir Technology: Intelligence in Action

This white paper addresses the RF interference challenges that result from high usage of a shared spectrum. Discover the benefits of integrating RF intelligence...


Wireless Technologies

4G: The What, Why and When

The development of 4G has seen widespread debate over its definition. This white paper clarifies the technological definition of 4G, presents business...

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Thinking Different

In 2016, get ready for the mobile API explosion

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


China Rising

How far can China push its bid to control the internet?

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond


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