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Top Tips: Side-Stepping Shellshocks

Top tips on how businesses and IT security professionals can side-step security threats like the Shellshock bug.


Sophos CEO on Security, SMEs, the US and an IPO

Sophos boss Kris Hagerman is piloting his company’s notably different approach to IT security



Shellshock: The Biggest Threat of All

Comment from digital pathways on Shellshock


Cisco’s Martin Roesch on Security, the NSA and the IoT

Cisco chief security architect talks context-aware security systems, snooping and Internet of Things risks



Facelock Technology: The Future of Passwords

Passwords are old news - identify a recognizable face instead


FCC will push network providers on cybersecurity, Wheeler...

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is threatening to step in with regulations if network providers don't improve cybersecurity.



Friday Rant: Ransomware —You Have 7 Days to Comply

Lock up your daughters. A new form of virus threatens to bring the world to its knees. Or does it?


DogeVault says attackers gained access to virtual machines...

An online wallet for the dog-themed cryptocurrency dogecoin said Thursday it lost 280 million coins, worth about US$130,000, after attackers gained access to its...



OS X 10.9.3, iTunes 11.2 arrive with bug fixes, feature...

Time to take a visit to the Mac App Store's Updates tab, because OS X 10.9.3 has arrived, along with iTunes 11.2. The latest update to Apple's desktop operating...


iCloud vs. iTunes backups: The crucial differences that...

Once upon a time one of the primary handicaps of iOS devices was the fact that you had to physically connect it to a Windows or Mac PC with a USB sync cable to back...

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Managed Services

Secure in 15 — Start with Daily Practices

Get the Secure in 15 toolkit starting with the “15 Minutes Month-at-a-Glance” calendar. McAfee will send you additional tools and tricks to stay protected...


Managed Services

McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business

Secure your business across systems, email, web, and data—all with one affordable solution created for the midsize organization.


Managed Services

A Buyer’s Guide to Data Protection

Implementing data protection products and processes can be daunting. Make the right decisions by exploring what is available and what makes sense for your...


Managed Services

Hands-On or Hosted Security: The Choice Is Yours

Do you manage security on premises or with Security-as-a-Service? Learn about the benefits of each approach, and get an overview of your options in this...



McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance Trial

15% better malware detection rate and 20% better spam and phishing catch rate—simply more effective than other filters. If that sounds like something you...

Acronis Software

Disk Backups

Hidden Costs of Virtualization

Checkout the benefits of virtualization and master the tricks of planning a perfect virtualization project. Gain tips on intelligent budgeting to handle...

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