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Admit One Security


Eliminating Costs of Strong Authentication for Juniper SSL...

Minimizing the Costs of Strong Authentication for Juniper SSL VPN's.  Hear industry experts break down the authentication challenges that organizations...


Network Security

Investigating Single Sign-on: Finding the Best Fit for Your...

Large corporations typically have more than 70 applications or systems that require a person to log in. This basic fact of corporate life illuminates the...

Quest Software


Reaching the Tipping Point for Two-Factor Authentication...

In this white paper, get the answers to help make an informed decision when adopting two-factor authentication for your company. Be ready when two-factor...

Quest Software

Identity Management

White Paper: Simplify Your Approach to Identity and Access...

See how the Quest One Identity Solution addresses the challenges that arise in heterogeneous environments, and how Quest can help you meet these challenges....



Understanding Versatile Authentication and Its Benefits...

This white paper answers key questions about an emerging class of identity and access management technologies that many industry analysts describe as "versatile...



Hydra PC - Immune to USB Authentication Vulnerability

A SySS GmbH study titled “Cryptographically Secure? SySS Cracks a USB Flash Drive”  documents a serious password-based authentication vulnerability in...



Protecting Commercial Online Banking Customers from Next-Generation...

In 2009, organized cyber crime rings began to shift away from massive phishing attacks against consumer banking users, and instead target bigger fish-corporate...



The Perils of Using the Wrong Approach to USB Flash Drive...

This paper examines how the IronKey flash drive uses hardware-based encryption and key management within a highly secure framework - including a physically...

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China Rising

Why are Chinese tech giants slumping on US stock markets?

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond


Tech Transformations

We can end this new IT security Cold War

Rupert Goodwins’ unique angle on tech change


Thinking Different

How much are banks risking on mobile services?

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


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