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How biometrics is changing Latin American banking

A look at why Latin America is leading the way with biometrics in banking


FacePhi: ‘Selfie’ verification spreads across banks in Latin...

We catch-up with Javier Mira, Executive Vice President of FacePhi, which equips Latin American banks with ‘selfie’ biometrics



The vast biometric privacy landslide is starting to break…...

New research from PWC and Nok Nok Labs seeks to address the thorny issue of biometrics and privacy


Speaking clearly: The case for voice as the next security...

Voice could be a huge boon in the fight against fraud and identity theft



Viewpoint: Why we need voice biometrics

Brett Beranack explains why voice biometrics should be more commonplace


In-store personalisation: creepy or cool?

New research surveys 1,000 UK consumers to discover their views on personalisation in shops



Facial recognition: The good and the bad

Facial recognition is heading into retail stores but what does that mean to shoppers’ experiences?


Will biometrics work in the Nigerian election?

We consult experts and people on the ground about the use of biometrics in the Nigerian election, postponed till 28th March



New Delhi: India's New Biometric Attendance System

Can India’s government biometric system in New Delhi and Jharkhand improve the work ethic in the public sector?

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