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Why Uber won’t crack the corporate market anytime soon

John McCallion, CEO of GroundScope provides his personal opinion on Uber for corporate travellers


Rant: Attack of the Drones

The internet giants might not morph into Skynet. It just sometimes looks that way…



Rant: Business Etiquette’s Broken: Here’s The Fix

The arcane model for face-to-face meetings is no longer fit for purpose


Rant: PR Puffery Drones On and On

The story about’s airborne delivery system should have been shot down by the media


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Protecting The Data Center

Data centers run organizations. But because of their criticality and value, they are targets of external and internal attackers as well as auditors armed...

BMC Software

IT Services

A Practical Guide to the Consumerization of IT

This guide explores the Consumerization of IT, defining the challenges and opportunities it presents.


Business Management

Optimizing Rideability: Intelligent Transportation for the...

This webcast reveals how to keep millions of vehicles traveling safely.


Supply Chain Management

Flawless fulfilment in the retail supply chain

Discover how European retailers are gaining a competitive advantage.

Sopra Steria

Business Process Management (BPM)

What role does BPM play and how can it help you improve...

This whitepaper discusses how BPM helps improve business operations and align business and IT

Business Intelligence

Digital Transformation Roadmap – The 5 Priority Business...

Is your business still held back by paper-based information and manual processes?


Cloud Computing

Ctac: Driving competitive advantage with real-time applications,...

IT service provider Ctac noticed that more and more customers wanted to optimize their business processes with real-time insights.


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