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Cybercriminals compromise home routers to attack online...

Attacks recently observed in Poland involved cybercriminals hacking into home routers and changing their DNS settings so they can intercept user connections to online...


Former NSA employee looks to make email more secure

Email, perhaps still the most widely used Internet application, has about the same level of security as a postcard. But unlike postcards, it's widely depended on...



The security industry found its dream enemy in 2013 -- and...

2013 was the year we learned we must encrypt our data if we don't want the likes of the U.S. National Security Agency or the U.K. Government Communications Headquarters...


BitTorrent develops secure, decentralized chat program using...

BitTorrent, the company behind the popular file sharing protocol with the same name, is developing a secure chat application that will encrypt all communications...



Bogus antivirus program uses a dozen stolen signing certificates...

A fake antivirus program in circulation uses at least a dozen stolen digital code-signing certificates, indicating cybercriminals are increasingly breaching the...


Lavabit to reopen for 5 days to let users download lost...

Secure email provider Lavabit is coming back from the dead for a brief time to give users a chance to recover their data, after abruptly shutting its doors in August...



Lockdown: How to secure your PC without going crazy

Good digital security inevitably requires some hassle, but the size of that headache is really up to you. If you're someone who wants to go all out with 64-character...


NSA-resistant Android application 'burns' sensitive messages...

Silent Circle, a company specializing in encrypted communications, released a messaging application for Android devices on Wednesday that encrypts and securely erases...



IDriveSync secures cloud storage

Cloud storage and security are two concepts that many people think are exclusive. But that's not the case with IDriveSync, a cloud storage tool that puts the user...


Researchers reveal methods behind car hack at Defcon

Two security researchers at Defcon on Friday revealed the methods they used to hack into car computers and take over the steering, acceleration, breaks and other...

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Today’s tech can’t beat my stupid email response

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


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The South China Sea: A new hacking hotspot

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond


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Losing CIOs to startups could be costly

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