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Scammers using obituary notices to acquire new victims

Everyday, email-based scams circulate the Web targeting users of services such as iTunes, Amazon, PayPal, and Google.


Equation cyberspies use unrivaled, NSA-style techniques...

A cyberespionage group with a toolset similar to ones used by U.S. intelligence agencies has infiltrated key institutions in countries including Iran and Russia....



Some hackers are unknowingly gathering intel for the NSA...

The U.S. National Security Agency and its intelligence partners are reportedly sifting through data stolen by state-sponsored and freelance hackers on a regular...



Chinese state-owned enterprises 'hired' military hacking...

A U.S. criminal indictment against Chinese Army personnel over alleged hacking describes how stolen intellectual property was funneled to Chinese companies, an unresolved...


Avast: Users frequently hitting websites loaded with ransomware...

Fresh statistics from the maker of a widely used free security product show the extent to which users are encountering file-encrypting malware known as ransomware....



Hackers hoped for slam dunk on Japan Basketball Association...

The sole target detected by Symantec of attacks using a recent Internet Explorer vulnerability was the website of the Japan Basketball Association, whose chairman...


Is that Twitter account a bot? Researchers make app to find...

They spread lies. They push products you don't care about. They make unpopular people look popular. Sometimes, they take over your machine with malware.



Worm-like Android malware spreads using text messages

A piece of malware targeting Russian-speaking Android users abuses a person's contact list to try and infect other devices, according to security vendor Eset.


Stung by file-encrypting malware, researchers fight back...

Jose Vildoza's 62-year-old father was using his old Windows computer when a warning in broken English flashed on the screen: your files have been encrypted.

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Altor Networks


Alternatives for Securing Virtual Networks

Discover the next generation security solution for the virtual environment. Check out how Altor VF monitors and controls inter-VM traffic, enforcing security...

Kaspersky Lab


When Legitimate Sites Threaten Your Network

Did you know that legitimate sites like and have been victimized by drive-by malware? This security brief discusses specific measures...



Protecting Commercial Online Banking Customers from Next-Generation...

In 2009, organized cyber crime rings began to shift away from massive phishing attacks against consumer banking users, and instead target bigger fish-corporate...



The Perils of Using the Wrong Approach to USB Flash Drive...

This paper examines how the IronKey flash drive uses hardware-based encryption and key management within a highly secure framework - including a physically...


Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Reduce Your Breach Risk: File Integrity Monitoring for PCI...

This white paper discusses the importance of file integrity monitoring (FIM), which facilitates the detection of malware as well as insider threats in...


Data Privacy and Security

The Last Line of Defense: Protecting Your Databases from...

This white paper addresses the database protection issues (including data discovery, activity monitoring, and compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS)...


Data Privacy and Security

PCI X-Ray: File Integrity Monitoring

In the independent research report, “PCI X-Ray: File Integrity Monitoring,” Forrester Research, Inc. provides practical technical guidance on how File...

M86 Security

Internet Security

M86 Security Labs: Threat Predictions 2011

In 2010, scareware became more nefarious, with malware and cybercriminals remaining a large threat.


Evolving Threats, Revolutionary Protection

This paper discusses the growing number of web threats that can affect your organization. Discover how to overcome them by improving your security policy...


Data Privacy and Security

2010 Financial Services Global Security Study

This global report from Deloitte reveals security practices in financial institutions around the world. Discover how leading companies are protecting themselves...

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