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Ad fraud Trojan updates Flash Player so that other malware...

Someone call the malware antitrust commission: Recent versions of the Kovter ad fraud Trojan, which infects computers through Web-based exploits, close the door...


Patch Tuesday: Fairly quiet on the Microsoft front

Microsoft's "Patch Tuesday" set of monthly software patches is so minimal for January that at least one security firm is suggesting that IT shops first tend to recently...



Microsoft Patch Tuesday reinforces the value of software...

The latest round of monthly patches from Microsoft illustrates the need for organizations to move from older versions of Microsoft software if they haven't done...


Vulnerabilities in some Netgear router and NAS products...

Vulnerabilities in the management interfaces of some wireless router and network-attached storage products from Netgear expose the devices to remote attacks that...



Sony releases a complicated fix for PlayStation 3 consoles...

Nope, Sony's bad PlayStation 3 update from last Tuesday that bricked some consoles wasn't a secret ploy to encourage more PS4 pre-orders--although for anyone affected...


Massive Java update won't get Oracle out of attacker's crosshairs...

Java continues to be Public Enemy No. 1 when it comes to computer and network security. Oracle released a huge update for the virtually ubiquitous software, but...


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Patch Management

Closing the Window of Exposure with Database Virtual Patching...

IT organizations are searching for a more efficient approach that enables quicker deployment of security patches while ensuring the safety and productivity...


Database Management

Forrester – Your Enterprise Database Security Strategy 2010...

Enterprises must establish a database security strategy that goes beyond authentication, authorization and access control. The key to successful database...


Anti-Virus Solutions

Endpoint Security: Anti-Virus Alone is Not Enough

This report provides insight into endpoint security and anti-virus deployment, and explores whether anti-virus solutions may mislead some organizations...

Symantec Corporation

Messaging Security

Choosing a Cost-Effective Email Solution

Spending your budget wisely and prioritizing where your budget is allocated can be a challenge during an economic crisis, but some business critical tools...



Layered Protection - Thirteen Days of Cybercrime

A security breach could devastate your business – with multiple routes of attack, you need multiple layers of protection to stay secure. Read our whitepaper...

Dell, Inc

Patch Management

Nine Simple (but Critical) Tips for Effective Patch Management...

In this paper, we’ll review nine simple tips that can make patch management simpler, more effective and less expensive.


Patch Management

Patch Management Best Practices

This eBook outlines best practices IT professionals can follow to ensure their organizations’ systems are always up-to-date.



CIO Watch

DevOps is a CIO’s theory of evolution

Mark Chillingworth on IT leadership


Thinking Different

Bitcoin anonymity advocates ignore a darker truth

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society

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