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Rant: Death by (lack of) power points

An inability to get electricity means mobile workers scramble around for energy


How Technology Can Fix 4 Big Problems of India

New technology ventures to counteract India’s most basic problems



Remote ‘Fridge’ Tech Chills Milk in Rural India

$10 billion USD worth of fresh produce is going to waster in rural India every year because of a lack of refrigeration. But now an innovative solution has been developed...


Trevor Baylis: The First Shoe Phone Charger… & Practical...

Kathryn Cave visits the home of British inventor, Trevor Baylis, to learn more about being a stunt artist, how he’s become famous for solving African problems… and...



IT’s Role in the Smart Grid

Increased demand for electricity is putting the spotlight on a need to upgrade the US' electric grid; enter the 'smart grid'...


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Infrastructure Management

An Introduction to Data Center Infrastructure Management...

This paper looks how a comprehensive DCIM solution can simplify and streamline operations and extend data center life.


Data Center Management

Datacenter Refurbishment – A Case Study

This is a 2010 Uptime Institute Symposium Case study by J.R. Simplot on Data Center Refurbishment. Discover how Raritan has improved energy efficiency...

APC by Schneider Electric

Data Center Management

Economizer Modes of Data Center Cooling Systems

This paper explains how different types of economizer mode can help you save energy in your data center. Read about the performance of several types of...

APC by Schneider Electric

Data Center Management

Electrical Efficiency Measurement for Data Centers

This paper explains how to measure, evaluate and model data center efficiency. Read a comparison of the benefits of periodic assessment vs continuous monitoring....


Storage & Data Center Solutions

Strategies for Solving the Datacenter Space, Power, and...

Discover the key strategies you need to solve the datacenter space, power and cooling crunch. Learn five ways to optimize your power. See how to reconfigure...


Data Center Management

Deploying High Power to IT Equipment Racks

Data center managers are deploying more and more power to their IT equipment racks to keep up with power-hungry devices. This white paper from Raritan...

Vision Solutions

Disaster Recovery

An Overview of Disaster Recovery and Availability Technologies...

The range of Disaster Recovery and Availability technologies make it difficult to know which are suitable for your company. This white paper reviews the...


Power Solutions

IBM Power Scale-Out Advantage

This report compares the costs and strengths of IBM Power systems against other platforms.

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Thinking Different

In 2016, get ready for the mobile API explosion

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


China Rising

How far can China push its bid to control the internet?

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond


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