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D-Wave pitches quantum co-acceleration to supercomputing...

Controversial quantum device maker D-Wave is hoping to find a home for its cutting-edge technology in the high-performance computing (HPC) market.


SC13: Top500 shows growing inequality in supercomputing...

Supercomputing power is being concentrated in a smaller number of machines, according to the latest Top500 list of high-performance computers. Keepers of the list...



The America's Cup: nerves, skill and a lot of computers...

This year's America's Cup will be remembered for Oracle Team USA's jaw-dropping comeback against Emirates New Zealand, but it should also be remembered for the huge...


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Symantec Corporation

Business Continuity

Storage Solutions Ensure Better Storage Continuity

Fast access to mission-critical data can mean the difference between disaster and quick recovery. Read this whitepaper to learn more!

Symantec Corporation

Storage Virtualization

Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications with Confidence...

Learn how to overcome the challenges of traditional high-availability virtualization solutions. Achieve high-availability in your virtualized environments...


Storage Management

Sweden’s second largest web hosting provider turns to NetApp...

This paper looks at how Binero replaced an existing scale-out NAS storage platform and saved its falling reputation.

HP Software


Solutions for HP Moonshot System

HP Moonshot System is a revolutionary server design that addresses the speed, scale, and specialization required for a new style of IT that is emerging...


File Transfer

Maximizing Uptime for Mission-Critical File Transfers: Availability...

This whitepaper provides guidance on common high-availability and scale-out deployment architectures, and discusses the factors to consider for your specific...

SIOS Technology


8 Ways to Make Clusters Easy to Use and Easy to Own

Discover eight ways to use SAN and SANLess software to meet your IT challenges.

SIOS Technology


A Simple Clustering Strategy for Realizing Dramatic Cost...

Find out how to save up to $800,000 in SQL Server licensing and hardware costs by implementing SANless clusters for high availability and disaster recovery...

SIOS Technology


Creating High Performance SANLess Clusters for SQL Server...

This white paper explains how you can deliver high performance and high availability without the need for a costly and complex shared storage cluster....

SIOS Technology

High Availability

Debunking the Myths: Cloud HA and DR

Discover the truth about the top myths surrounding high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) in the cloud and find out how to cut costs and reduce...

SIOS Technology


Three Ways Enterprises are Protecting SQL Server in the...

Learn how real enterprises are leveraging the flexibility of #SANLess clusters to provide high availability and disaster recovery protection for SQL Server...

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