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    Application Development


Where will the ‘killer app’ of chatbots come from?

Expedia examines the growth of chatbots so far and suggests the travel sector is quietly leading the way forward


The future for APIs - how management and security will have...

A look at how APIs are being protected today and why attacks on them could grow over time.



Mendix seeks fix for business/IT development disconnect...

Rapid app dev firm sees an end to the IT department and a closer link between business needs and developers’ capability


In 2016, get ready for the mobile API explosion

APIs are changing the development cycle and the pace at which organisations can build powerful apps



Top Tips: Avoiding the security pitfalls of shoddy application...

How to avoid the security pitfalls of shoddy application development – and safeguard your reputation



Look up and outside to avoid development disasters

In line of business and developer relations are you moving a battleship to avoid a missile?


Kony CEO rides mobility wave

Tom Hogan, CEO of Kony, is capitalising on firms mobilising their workforces



“Game changing” tech to curb forest fires in Oklahoma

How GIS and data collection technology from Esri is helping the Oklahoma Forestry Services


A new global autism diagnostic app from Idaho

New autism diagnostic app highlights the rise of autism and how the latest technology might be able to help this community cope

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    Application Development


Project Management Solutions

The 10 Step Guide to Project Estimation and Planning

Project estimates are often a challenge - it's not appropriate to pluck one out of the air. Download this paper to discover a 10 step system for creating...

eTouch Same Page

Content Management

Knowledge Management Using Wikis

Wikis are the next platform on which corporations and individuals worldwide will collaborate to manage innovation and to foster more efficiency in the...

eTouch Same Page

Content Management

SamePage Wiki for Dynamic Content

This paper presents a case study of a leading university in California. They needed to find a content solution that allowed mulitple contributors and searchable...


Application Development

CIOs Embrace Custom Application Development

Read this report to discover how custom application development is emerging as a popular way to enhance customer service with tailored solutions.


ecommerce Software

New eCommerce market drivers: remote widget technology

In this whitepaper, we will take an in-depth look at the new market drivers for remote widget technology and understand how they can be used to enable...


Database Management

Free e-book: Getting Started with DB2 Application Development...

This e-book includes topics such as using DB2 Express-C, writing SQL statements, working with open source tools and more.

Micro Focus

Application Performance Management (APM)

A Practical Guide to Identifying Slow Code During Development...

This paper explains how to identify code that could slow your applications down, before it affects your performance. Learn how to avoid unnecessary costs...

Micro Focus

Application Development

Using Code Coverage Analysis to Focus Testing Strategies...

This paper can help you combine code coverage and unit tests for better application quality. Download now and discover eight steps for using unit tests...


IT Best Practices

Innovate the Steve Jobs Way: 7 Insanely Different Principles...

This paper reveals the seven principles that can help you ensure breakthrough success like apple CEO Steve Jobs. Download now and learn how thinking different...


Cloud Computing Applications

Modernizing Application Platforms for Cost-Effective Cloud...

This IDC research paper outlines the five phases of application modernization necessary to prepare for a cost-effective cloud project.

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