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The rise of the Google developer community in Cameroon

Interview with Cyprien Tankeu on the evolution and challenges of Google Developer Groups in Cameroon.


“Omni”: The next digital disrupter?

'Omni-channel', 'omni-platform', 'omni-this-that-and-the-other' – what does one of the biggest buzz terms at the moment really mean?



Can the ‘Wikipedia for Arabic’ spread the language online?...

We investigate new site,, and the need for more Arabic content


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Web Development

Effectively Leveraging Responsive Web Design

Web traffic on mobile phones and tablets is increasing to the point where firms must optimize for these touchpoints.


Web Content Management

How New Devices, Networks, and Consumer Habits Will Change...

This GigaOM paper examines what is driving content consumption today and what it means to the development and delivery of content.

Micro Focus

Web Development

The Cross-Browser Configuration Conundrum

The purpose of this report is to provide the importance of Cross Browser Testing.

Limelight Networks

Site Management Tools

Building Web Performance through Balance and Efficiency...

This paper explores how to carefully plan out your website architecture by following the path your data takes when a request is initiated by a user.

Limelight Networks

Site Management Tools

How to Deliver a Great Quality of Experience to Your Digital...

This paper explores a new strategy for IT that includes implementing an integrated set of cloud-based systems, tools and processes with supporting services...

Limelight Networks

Site Management Tools

Web Site Performance for the Speed of Business

This white paper discusses why IT professionals need to a take fresh look at website performance and consider the importance of controlling the first,...

Sedin Infotech

Web Development

Case Study: Geared for Good

This case study looks at how Geared for Good, a charity company, found value by developing a website solution with RailsFactory (Sedin Infotech).



Thinking Different

Today’s tech can’t beat my stupid email response

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


China Rising

The South China Sea: A new hacking hotspot

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond


CIO Watch

Losing CIOs to startups could be costly

Mark Chillingworth on IT leadership

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