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Why Try Agile?

An emerging response to the challenge of changing requirements in Tradition software development is an approach called Agile software development. Rather...



Is Your SCM Tool Ready for Agile?

In this paper, we identify five key feature areas for selecting an SCM tool that is appropriate for agile software development. By identifying tools that...



Breaking the Major Release Habit

Keeping up with the rapid pace of change can be a daunting task. Just as you finally get your software working with a new technology to meet yesterday's...



Scaling Continuous Integration to Large & Distributed Teams...

This paper covers the basic concepts of Multi-Stage Continuous Integration. You will learn why temporary isolation for features, teams, team integration,...



SCM Best Practices for Continuous Integration

This paper introduces the concept of continuous integration and outlines several proven software configuration management (SCM) best practices to consider...


Web Development

100% Web: Google’s Vision for the Future of Enterprise IT...

This paper discusses Google’s vision for a 100% web model in the enterprise of the future. Discover the benefits this model could have and start your journey...

ChangeBase AOK


The World is Changing: Considerations for Browser Migration...

This white paper can help you migrate your enterprise to a new browser. Learn how to successfully move your web-based applications to a new platform and...


IT Planning & Management

2011 JCSE-ITWeb Skills Survey

This survey looks at the evolving socio-economic situation in South Africa. Discover more about the intentions and initiatives for future skills development....


Web Content Management

Marketing 101 for MSPs: Websites- Enhancing Your Website...

Website improvement is often last on a business’s to-do list. But sometimes big improvements can be made in just a few minutes. This white paper outlines...


Web Development

Extending Your Web Business into China, Opportunities, Challenges,...

The explosive growth in China’s Internet user community presents companies with a tremendous opportunity to expand their customer base and increase revenue...

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Is re-introducing the BBC microbit a good way to encourage kids into tech?”