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Some Yahoo Mail users menaced by zombified deleted emails...

For Yahoo Mail users, some messages just won't stay dead.


Google to decouple Google+ from some of its sites

Google is severing the ties between its social network and other of its services, so that users will not need to log in to other sites like YouTube using a Google+...



YouTube cofounder endorses paid version

As Google prepares to launch a subscription version of YouTube, the move has been endorsed by at least one interested party: YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley.


Google grabs Pixate to improve its apps, and others

Google has acquired Pixate, whose app-prototyping service could help Google make better apps of its own.



The average mobile YouTube session is now 40 minutes, Google...

Why stop your video for a snack, or when nature calls, when you've got a smartphone?


Twitter's Project Lightning will be a whole new way to track...

Twitter is planning some big changes to the way people follow events using its service, with a major new feature that will group together tweets, photos and videos...



World White Web: Is racism still rampant on the internet?...

Swedish student Johanna Burai is bringing attention to “whiteness online” with her new campaign.


Anti-Islamic video could go back on YouTube after copyright...

A woman who received death threats after appearing unwittingly in an anti-Muslim film on YouTube cannot require Google to remove it on the grounds that her performance...



Google extends Android voice search to Zillow, Shazam, NPR...

"OK Google, where are the open houses in Chicago?" That's a question that might yield a useful response for Android users, now that Zillow's real estate service...


Yahoo, still reliant on PCs, posts earnings that disappoint...

Mobile is a crucial element in CEO Marissa Mayer's turnaround plan for Yahoo, but the company is still heavily dependant on PCs for its money.

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Search Engines

Return on Information: adding to your ROI with Google Enterprise...

As enterprises continue to produce, store, and make use of business content, volume grows and the investment needed to manage complexity increases. Yet...


Search Engines

Return on Information: Improving your ROI with Google Enterprise...

As organizations consider the benefits of bringing high-quality search to the workplace, it’s critical to assess the various factors influencing the ROI...


Search Engines

Return on Information: The Business Value of Fast, Relevant...

This eBook explores how five leading organizations in five different industries overcame their search challenges and improved their return on information...


Enterprise Content Management

Fierce Content Management

Enterprise search has gone through many changes over the years, but the crucial problem remains unsolved. How do you find the one key document you're looking...

Simply Hired

Human Resources

How HR Contributes to the Bottom Line

This infographic discusses the how HR contributes to the bottom line with company savings, reduced turnover, and contributes to revenue.

Simply Hired

Mobile Applications

Job Search Goes Mobile

This infographic looks at how Simply Hired delivers quality candidates to seeking employers agilely, easily, and cost-effectively.

Simply Hired

Search Engines

Recruitment Strategy in the Age of Branding and Mobile

This e-book introduces a new recruitment strategy for companies to stimulate potential candidates socially and through technological initiatives—and how...

Simply Hired

Search Engines

Simply Hired - How it Works

This infographic discusses the popularity of mobility both in and outside the workplace and focuses on how employers can have an active and effective mobile...

Simply Hired

Search Engines

The Changing Workforce

This e-book provides a framework for companies who wish to take over these pre-occupied candidates as well as how to make your business more appealing...

Simply Hired

Human Resources

The Total Economic Impact of Simply Hired

This research brief examines the financial enterprise results from Forrester Consulting’s’ Total Economic Impact (TEI) study.



CIO Watch

Banks finally welcome cloud computing cover

Mark Chillingworth on IT leadership


Thinking Different

Bitcoin anonymity advocates ignore a darker truth

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


China Rising

VPNs: The Cat-and-Mouse Game in China Continues

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond

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