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Haltian aims to be Finland’s Nokia for the Internet of Things...

Post Kickstarter success, ThingSee CEO Pasi Jokinen talks expansion while keeping things local


Yonomi, Logitech & the future of connected homes

Yonomi CEO Kent Dickson talks smart home adoption, functionality and software-banded houses.



News Roundup: Altruistic malware, tech cults and unfriending...

A roundup of the week’s tech news including internet everywhere, AI cars and smart piggybanks.


Devices at dawn: Consumer vs. industrial Internet of Things...

A discussion of consumer vs. industrial Internet of Things



Is the US right to call ultra-fast broadband a core utility?...

A new report says broadband access is as necessary as water


Digital since 1995: Standing on the shoulders of giants...

With Amazon, eBay and Windows 95 all celebrating their 20th anniversaries this year, various CEOs comment on the how our world was shaped in 1995



News Roundup: FB Buttons, Cortana everywhere and self-destructing...

A roundup of the week’s tech news including Project Aura, foldable smartphones and crashing balloons.


Freelance hackers: Were our cars born to be wild?

Jan Valcke comments on the awful future world of car hacking



News Roundup: Apple bores, McAfee16 and Baidu AI

A roundup of the week’s tech news including compostable electronics, Kellogg’s VR, and Irn Bru.


Mawingu: $3 a month Kenyan internet via TV white space &...

How one internationally funded startup is providing low-cost internet access for poor rural folks in Kenya

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Top Five Capabilities for Cloud Computing Success with Business...

As data centers transform into private clouds, with shared virtualized resources across multiple applications and business services, IT teams are under...

Art of Defence


Defining a dWAF to Secure Cloud Applications

Discover what a distributed web application firewall (dWAF) should look like in order to meet the standards set within the CSA document. Find here practical...



Measuring and Monitoring Web 2.0 Applications

This whitepaper reviews the challenges posed by the evolution to Web 2.0 and explains how to measure and monitor Web site and Web 2.0 application performance....



Meeting Regulatory Demands for Proactive Communications...

 “Proactive communication” campaigns, generally involving automated dialing to a targeted base of customers or prospects, can provide in a variety of...

BigBand Networks


Linear Advertising Migration and Virtual Zoning

This paper analyzes the tools and technical considerations for advanced TV advertising as well as the migration path from zoned-based advertising currently...



Build vs Buy

 When developing a bulk email management strategy, businesses are faced with two choices; to manage email in-house, via their own dedicated bulk email...



'Push' Email Billing and your Online Strategy

While delivering bills to customers does negate the need to pay at the biller site, it still offers the option to do so, with the difference being that...



The Compelling Business Case for Push eBilling

Building a business case for eBilling is a simple process. With global competitive pressures, organizations can ill afford not to invest in a solution...


Cloud Computing

What the Enterprise Needs to Know about Cloud Computing...

Are there more opportunities and challenges to cloud computing beyond the hype created? Read on to find out how companies can take incremental steps toward...


Project Management and Collaboration

SamePage: Financial - Technology Company Case Study

eTouch SamePage, a dynamic enterprise wiki, has published a  case study about the implementation and usage of SamePage by a US-based, publicly traded global...

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Is re-introducing the BBC microbit a good way to encourage kids into tech?”