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YouTube's Content ID program finally provides for ad revenue...

It's not a full solution to Content ID's woes. More like a leaky bandage. But that's better than nothing.


Comcast raises trial data caps to a terabyte but won't commit...

Comcast has increased its broadband data caps to a terabyte per month, the company said Wednesday. But company executives seem to think that everyone will be subject...



Facebook’s rumored camera app sounds like a Snapchat-Periscope...

Facebook wants another shot at spontaneous photo and video sharing with a standalone camera app.


News Roundup: Data protection officers, Villa to Oracle,...

A roundup of the week’s tech news including We Chat Enterprise, the year of the third party, and police iPads



Amazon restricts sales of popular movies and games to Prime...

If you're not an Amazon Prime subscriber, you won't be able to buy games like FIFA 2016 and Grand Theft Auto V.


The average web page is now larger than Doom

Web page bloat reaches an embarrassing milestone: The Doom installer is smaller.



Indians can now tweet for air pollution data

Indians love to discuss the weather and more recently the pollution that is on the increase in some of its cities. A new tool from Twitter could help people stay...


Apple’s iBooks Store and iTunes Movies shut down by Chinese...

A Chinese regulator is said to have ordered Apple to shut down its iBooks Store and iTunes Movies only six months after the services were launched in the country....



Pennsylvania slapped Uber with an $11.4 million fine for...

The Pennsylvania Public Service Utility Commission has voted to fine Uber US $11.4 million for operating without its authority and failing to comply with data requests...


Yahoo's Firefox deal risks dropping into the red

Yahoo's deal with Mozilla making the search provider Firefox's default in the U.S. increasingly looks like a bad deal for Yahoo.

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Useful Social Media

Social Networks

The State of Corporate Social Media in 2011

This report reveals the latest corporate social media trends. Learn how your peers are using social media to get ahead and discover techniques for doing...

Blue Coat

IP Networks

IPv6 Shadow Networks are Here Today

This white paper explains the importance of preparing for IPv6 traffic which could already be in your enterprise. Find out how to avoid the risks and remain...

Blue Coat

Internet Security

Blue Coat Systems 2012 Web Security Report

This report reveals the latest threats and discusses the things you need to know in order to protect your organization from established threats and other...

Blue Coat

Internet Security

Hybrid Web Security in the Extended Enterprise

In this on-demand webcast, hear from experts from Blue Coat and Forrester on the different types of web security available. You’ll discover whether a SaaS...

2X Solutions


Backup and Recovery Best Practices for Oracle 10g with NetBackup...

Based on research and documented case studies, it is clear that companies are realizing significant value by developing integrated processes across the...



Securing Your Microsoft Internet Information Services (MS...

Worried about con-artists spoofing your site or unauthorized access to your site? This step by step guide from Thawte gives precise instructions for installing...

World Economic forum


The Global Information Technology Report 2012

Which country is making the most of the advantages that technology can offer? The Global Information Technology report 2012 measures the extent to which...



The State of the Internet Report

Akamai Technologies, Inc. has released its 3rd Quarter, 2012 State of the Internet report. Based on data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent Platform™,...


Internet Security

Protect and Perform: Ensuring Online Business in Asia-Pacific...

In an increasingly connected world, your company’s online presence is often the first - and sometimes the only – way that your customers and clients engage...


Internet Traffic Management

Akamai’s State Of The Internet: Q1 2014

This Analyst Report studies the state of internet connectivity, security, and technology around the world

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CIO Watch

Banks finally welcome cloud computing cover

Mark Chillingworth on IT leadership


Thinking Different

Bitcoin anonymity advocates ignore a darker truth

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


China Rising

Watchdogs get tough on China’s US investments

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond

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