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    Collaborative Working


Top Tips: The do’s and don’ts on the road to collaboration...

Key tips that organisations need to consider when implementing best practice collaboration



Wavestack: Music & the Mexican startup scene

We catch-up with Horeb Gonzalez co-founder of Wavestack to learn more about the world of cloud music collaboration


Crowdsourcing Innovation: Jozsef Czapovics, Co-Founder of...

Crowdfunding sites are offering a new path for inventors with original ideas. We talk to inventors looking to gain the public’s favour...



Silicon Valley’s Gentrification Problem

Tech money is changing the face of San Francisco, but is Silicon Valley making things worse?


How Enterprise Social Collaboration Platforms Can Boost...

A few of the creative ways in which IT departments can use enterprise social collaboration to their advantage.



Marissa Mayer is Wrong – Employees Can Be Productive Remotely...

What can businesses do to measure employee productivity in 2014 with the popularity of remote working rising?


A Look Back at BoxWorks 2013: Does the Bridge-Builder Win?...

In part 2 of her notes on the BoxWorks conference in San Francisco, Ayesha Salim examines what it takes to be a Disruptive Innovator.



Box CEO Aaron Levie: Disrupting the Enterprise

From Box’s San Francisco conference, Ayesha Salim shares her notes on one of the tech’s most closely-watched startups


We Need More Autistics In Tech

SAP recently announced plans for an Autistic recruitment drive. Dan Swinhoe explains why the other tech giants should follow suite.

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    Collaborative Working


Workforce Planning and Management

Top 10 Reasons to Embrace Workshifting

This white paper discusses the concept of workshifting and reveals the top 10 benefits of embracing a workshifting strategy in your business. Find out...

Liason Technologies

Project Management and Collaboration

B2B Integration and Collaboration

This Aberdeen Group report reveals the strategies of companies undertaking B2B integration and collaboration initiatives. Read on to discover a best-in-class...


Collaborative Tools

LotusLive Suite

How do you make your business more productive?


Collaborative Tools

Practical Business Content Collaboration: Personal Tools...

This white paper discusses the results of a recent study on content collaboration. Read on to discover the latest trends and learn how to overcome the...


Social Networks

Pleasing the Crowd: How Social Business Solutions Can Build...

NewsGator is showing businesses how to boost productivity, engage and empower employees, and speed innovation by building a thriving social workplace....


Social Networks

Not All Enterprise Social Networking Solutions Are Equal...

Download this Frost & Sullivan whitepaper to learn how to evaluate the value of social in your enterprise.


Social Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks Uses NewsGator to Succeed

When Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) merged into one company, real differences in corporate culture and philosophy quickly became apparent. NSN decided that...


Social Networks

Navigating the Social Enterprise with NewsGator

Over 22 million workers in the US are extremely negative or actively disengaged. How does this affect your business? How do you engage employees, raise...

Collaborative Tools

IntraLinks Connect - Extended Enterprise Collaboration

IntraLinks Connect removes barriers to productivity and enables critical business content to pass freely and securely outside of your firewall - allowing...

File Transfer

IntraLinks Courier - Go Faster: Secure File Exchange, Right...

IntraLinks Courier is a simple, secure service of the IntraLinks Connect platform for the ad hoc sharing of confidential files outside the corporate firewall....

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China Rising

Why are Chinese tech giants slumping on US stock markets?

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond


Tech Transformations

We can end this new IT security Cold War

Rupert Goodwins’ unique angle on tech change


Thinking Different

How much are banks risking on mobile services?

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


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