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What can social media tell us about the outcome of the EU...

An overview of social media’s role in the referendum so far, and data insights about the upcoming vote


Brexit vote fever has been heated by social media

Social networks have been the home ground for crass debate over UK membership of the EU



Why the Facebook trending news controversy is a tipping...

Facebook trending news just doesn’t work. Audiences need more distinct, targeted “tastemaking” curators.


Facebook’s news censorship: Manipulative algorithms are...

We give our thoughts on Facebook’s apparent manipulation of its “trending” news section.



Insight: The ‘jihobbiests’ that run ISIS’s social accounts...

New report from Flashpoint looks at the rise of pro-ISIS hackers and the resulting cyber threat landscape



The first online, global Pride festival

The LGBTI Pride movement is going fully online for the first time with a new global event – Digital Pride.



Twitter's NFL play: the first nail in the free web's coffin...

As live sports events arrive on the internet, they’ll bring their revenue model with them.


Garbage In… AI and Tay prove GIGO principle still holds...

Microsoft’s profane chatbot Tay shows how artificial intelligence needs some human input

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Business Intelligence

Using Business Intelligence to Help Control Outcomes in...

Today's retailers face external and internal challenges including knowledgeable customers, longer supply chains, shrinking demand cycles and a constrained...


Project Management and Collaboration

Web 2.0 @ work: how CIOs can help drive business returns...

This whitepaper outlines the four keys to success and discusses the ROI of Web 2.0.


ecommerce Software

New eCommerce market drivers: remote widget technology

In this whitepaper, we will take an in-depth look at the new market drivers for remote widget technology and understand how they can be used to enable...


E-Commerce Solutions

Social Commerce Defined

This whitepaper will focus on the definition of Social Commerce, the benefits of social commerce to retailers, the different components and how IBM has...


Social Media Marketing

Bridging the great divide

When it comes to social media, does your right hand know what your left hand’s doing? Learn how to avoid a social media nightmare while boosting your bottom...


Business Management

10 Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

This new eBook reveals the strategies used by Apple CEO Steve Jobs to deliver powerful presentations that inform, educate and entertain. Learn Jobs's 10...

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Social Networks

Controlling Facebook Activity: A Solution Guide

Some companies allow access to Facebook in order to maintain morale, increase retention, and boost hiring. But they also want to control access to it....

Customer Service

Looking to switch customer service technology? Service Cloud is now the leader in customer service. Learn more here!


Social Networks

Accelerate the Flow of Work with Social Project Management...

This white paper explains how applying social characteristics to project management results in greater agility and better collaboration.

Microsoft Dynamics

Sales and Marketing Software

Social is for Closers

Discover the three key elements of an effective social strategy.

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Thinking Different

Can technology save a post-Brexit Britain?

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


CIO Watch

DevOps is a CIO’s theory of evolution

Mark Chillingworth on IT leadership

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