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Facebook’s plan to hand over profiles of the dead raises...

Users of the social network can now cede their profiles to loved ones but identity challenges remain


Britain: ‘Women Defy UKIP’ on Facebook

How online anonymity and the rise of far right have politicised ordinary Britons



Venezuela: The rise of digitally-enabled barter

How can new technology help people deal with Venezuela’s widespread shortages?


Africa’s Middle Class: Online Activism Spreads Offline

More online sentiments in Africa are now being voiced through offline activity, including activism. What should government and brands learn?



Asia Pacific: MasterCard ‘Mining’ Social Media Data

What does MasterCard ‘mining’ social media data mean for consumers?


How Does Social Media Impact State Stability?

We discuss how social media use is impacting governments



What Does ‘Facebook Murder’ Really Mean?

Incidences of ‘Facebook murder’ demand further research


InfoShot: Teens Fed Up With Facebook?

Are American teens getting fed up with Facebook?



Ello: A New Era of Social Media Privacy?

What do new apps and social networks, like Ello, mean for the evolution of internet privacy?


Oman: Social Media, Sultan Qaboos & the March of Time

Social media is playing an interesting role in the development of Oman's story

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Project Management and Collaboration

Driving SharePoint Adoption in Lotus Notes Enterprises

Many organizations are investing strategically in Microsoft® SharePoint® to deliver more efficient documentation collaboration and project management capabilities....


Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Social media and networking drive changes in financial services....

Social media business is just about brand & advertising, right? Well, here at Tieto, we think there's a whole lot more to it.


Business Intelligence

Using Business Intelligence to Help Control Outcomes in...

Today's retailers face external and internal challenges including knowledgeable customers, longer supply chains, shrinking demand cycles and a constrained...

FaceTime Communications, Inc.

Regulatory Compliance

FINRA: Compliance Guide: Social Networks, Web 2.0 and Unified...

Despite stringent regulatory requirements, many firms rely on unified communications, Web 2.0 and social networks to communicate, promote their business...

FaceTime Communications, Inc.

Unified Communications

The Impact of New Communication Tools for Financial Services...

Discover how financial services firms can leverage new communications technologies to gain a competitive advantage, reduce costs and improve customer service,...

FaceTime Communications, Inc.

Social Networks

Social Networking Compliance for FINRA Regulated Organization...

FaceTime Communications invites you to view a special webcast, specially designed for FINRA-regulated organizations. You’ll get details on how to securely...


Project Management and Collaboration

Web 2.0 @ work: how CIOs can help drive business returns...

This whitepaper outlines the four keys to success and discusses the ROI of Web 2.0.

FaceTime Communications, Inc.

Social Networks

Legal Issues of Social Media

Despite the benefits that social media can bring to your organization, there are legal risks that must be considered. This paper outlines key legislation...

Wildfire Public Relations and Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Putting the ‘Social’ into Social Media

Discover how to utilise social media properly, and see how many organisations are missing out on the full benefits.

Ness Technologies

Software Development Tools

Agile Software Best Practices: Agile and Globally Distributed...

This paper can help you achieve Agile success, even in a distributed environment.

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