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MFS Africa Q&A: Poor mobile interoperability hinders financial...

Dare Okoudjou, founder and CEO of MFS Africa discusses the need for mobile interoperability across the continent


India takes the tough path to digital payments

Harold Montgomery, Chairman and CEO of MoneyOnMobile, discusses Indian demonetisation and the rise of digital payments



How economic uncertainty impacts the move to emerging regions...

Michael Gould, CTO and Founder at Anaplan looks at how to capitalise on economic opportunity in emerging markets


InfoShot: Celeb tech investors

The surprising world of celebs in tech



This month in tech history: January 2009 - Genesis and launch...

The pseudonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto mines the first 50 bitcoins, now known as the Genesis Block.


Senegalese PayDunya wants to be PayPal for Africa

Young West Africa startup is providing API system that aggregates all African mobile wallets to send and receive payments in one single gateway



Has the US Election dampened technology lobbying?

As the US takes to the polls, technology still wants to influence lawmakers.


Singaporean startup profile: Financial markets monitoring...

Call Levels aims to equalise the playing field for all investors in the financial markets



Rant: Money men move tech CEOs like pawns in a game

The technology sector is increasingly at the beck and call of the finance people

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IDG Connect


20 Red Hot, Pre-IPO Companies in 2014 B2B Tech

From to Zendesk, IDG Connect Editorial Director Martin Veitch trawls through the best that haven’t yet floated.



Integrating Data Sources is an Expensive Challenge for the...

This report reveals the costs and time involved in using external data sources.


Accounting and Finance

Instinct meets insight

This survey report reveals whether CFOs have all the tools to make the best decisions.

Minoc Media Services

Accounting and Finance

Finance Transformation Capability Assessment: The CFO as...

This white paper introduces the Finance Transformation Capability Assessment tool and explains how it can help your organization’s performance.


Mobile CRM

Taking Mobility to the Bank

This white paper from Citrix looks at how financial services are adopting business mobility initiatives.


Accounting and Finance

Supplier Invoice Benchmark Report: Exploring the AP Landscape...

This research paper explores the current state of supplier invoice procedures in the UK and the challenges facing a cross section of businesses.


Accounting and Finance

Get with the Flow. How Payment Processing Affects Cash Flow...

This guide is a concise and very useful explanation of the way the payments transaction process operates.


Accounting and Finance

Die Aufgaben des Finanz-Wesens im Digitalen Zeitalter: Messen...

Die Digitalisierung und die Globalisierung führen zu einer Kommodizierung und stellen althergebrachte Geschäftsmodelle in Frage. Immaterielle Vermögenswerte...



Data Governance, Customer-Centricity, and the GDPR

This IDC paper looks at why financial services institutions should look at GDPR as a driver for customer service.


Accounting and Finance

A 10-Step Guide to an Efficient Supplier Invoice Process...

This guide outlines a 10 step process to help improve the efficiency of your supplier invoice process.

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Global Tech

These are the growing pains of a digitising society…

Kathryn Cave looks at the big trends in tech


China Rising

Facebook and China: There’s only one likely winner

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond

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