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    Customer Experience Management (CEM)


Meet Frank: A non-spam approach to customer relationships...

Geraldine McBride, CEO of MyWave, seeks to reimagine the customer experience with “CMR” and a virtual assistant called Frank


Are You Prepared to Deliver a True Omnichannel Experience?...

When developing an omnichannel strategy, retailers should follow these critical steps to ensure a return worth celebrating.


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    Customer Experience Management (CEM)


Business Intelligence

Using Business Intelligence to Help Control Outcomes in...

Today's retailers face external and internal challenges including knowledgeable customers, longer supply chains, shrinking demand cycles and a constrained...


Remote Access Technologies

2010 Service and Leadership Trends in Customer Support

This 2010 survey assesses customer services and customer support. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of the industry, and how well it works.


Remote Access Technologies

Faster Problem Resolution with Efficient Remote Support...

This paper looks at how user-centric remote support can provide faster problem resolution. Learn more about remote control and diagnosis, and how this...


Help Desk Management

Measuring the Business Impact of Support

Effective support can have many benefits for your business. It can drive revenue, retain customer loyalty and increase productivity. The models and metrics...


Help Desk Management

Frost and Sullivan: Creating Corporate Value From The Support...

Read the full Frost and Sullivan report to discover how better support can improve the user experiences, build customer satisfaction and, ultimately, boost...


Help Desk Management

People + Processes + Technology: Creating a Winning Formula...

Discover how to deliver outstanding support with the use of remote support and the three step formula.


Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Customer Experience Management (CEM): The next frontier...

This paper explains how you can deliver the best customer experience possible and engage your customers so they can’t stop talking about you! Read the...


Social Networks

Social Media and the Customer Experience: A Perspective...

Discover how to harness the capabilities of social media in order to remain relevant in this new environment.


Customer Service

Poor Customer Experience Hurts the Bottom Line for Financial...

This Forrester Research paper assesses the impact that a poor customer experience can have on the bottom line of financial services providers.

Communications Services

Driving Performance with Embedded Business Intelligence...

In this whitepaper you will learn about the value of having embedded BI analytics in your voice application and the rich information and insight you can...

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