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Hands on with Carousel for Dropbox, your new mobile photo...

Dropbox's camp had a busy week, unleashing a slough of new apps and services on Wednesday that push the company away from strictly storage and into the lifestyle...


Crowdsourcing Innovation: Joshua Milas, Co-Founder of Mindsense...

Crowdfunding sites are offering a new path for inventors with original ideas. We talk to inventors looking to gain the public’s favour...



Wickr wants to spread its spy-level encryption to your favorite...

Nico Sell doesn't work on games, but she's meeting with creators at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week because they all need what she's selling:...


Unify sets timetable for launch of its Project Ansible unified...

Unify has set a timetable for the launch of its Project Ansible unified communications product, with beta testing scheduled for May.



PhoneTag Messenger targets the Snapchat crowd with cutesy...

Right now, the undisputed king of offbeat mobile messaging apps is Snapchat, the quick-hit photo and video messenger service whose contents self-destruct. It's where...


WhatsApp at Facebook: Zuck snags popular messaging app for...

Facebook really wanted to buy a popular messaging app. Spurned by Snapchat, the network set its sights a little--OK, a lot--higher, buying wildly successful over-the-top...



Mail Pilot for Mac review: Email client charts a course...

If your inbox is a many-headed beast that you battle every day, Mail Pilot (Mac App Store link) might just be the enchanted blade that helps you slay that email...


Email Productivity: 4 Things You Shouldn’t Do

How to get more out of email and manage mission-critical business processes in a more effective way.



See ya, SMS: Social messaging apps do more, for free

Bryan Pelz was splitting his time between Vietnam and San Francisco when he began working on an idea for a new app called Klamr (pronounced "clamor"). He and his...


Gmail Notifier Pro offers notifications and a whole lot...

Based on its name alone, you might think Gmail Notifier Pro is simply a notification service for Google's email service, something like Chrome extension Checker...

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Email Encryption

10 Essential Steps to Email Security

This white paper from Clearswift provides a best practice guide on achieving better email security.


Networking & Communications

How We Work: Communication Trends of Business Professionals...

This white paper looks at how today’s business professionals are communicating, with what tools, and how the trends have changed in recent years.

EMC Corporation

Archiving Software

Top 5 Reasons Why EMC for Archiving

This white paper lists the top five reasons to choose EMC for your archiving needs.


Email Management

Three-Pronged Approach To Improved Email Delivery

The challenge of reliably delivering email to the inbox is a three-pronged problem and requires the talent and skill sets of a cross-functional team. See...

Jive Software

Social Networks

Take The Productivity Leap: 5 Ways A Social Intranet Can...

Social intranets break down silos and open up communication and high-performance teamwork across the organization. See the five ways they can boost productivity...

Symantec Corporation

Email Management

Technical Brief: Symantec Email

This white paper outlines the technical approach used to deliver Symantec Email

VMware Zimbra

Email Management

A Comparison of Email and Collaboration Platforms, An Osterman...

The goal of this white paper is to present an Osterman Research analysis of Email and Collaboration Platforms in the context of long-term requirements...


Email Management

Steve’s Guide to Collaboration: Maximise the effectiveness...

With this increasing disconnection between office and work, it is increasingly true that work is not a place we go to, it’s something we do now. See the...



Top Words Used in Spear Phishing Attacks to Successfully...

In this white paper, have a look at the nature of the files cybercriminals are distributing, specifically those that are effectively bypassing traditional...

Symantec Corporation

Messaging Security

Choosing a Cost-Effective Email Solution

Spending your budget wisely and prioritizing where your budget is allocated can be a challenge during an economic crisis, but some business critical tools...

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