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Immortality & 300 years of boredom

Tech companies are working on increasing the human lifespan. But do we really want to live forever?


ColdTrace: Why monitor vaccine temperatures?

We catch up with Nithya Ramanathan, Co-Founder and President of Nexleaf Analytics, a company with a solution for vaccine temperature monitoring



Technology to improve India's shocking health indicators...

How can tech initiatives help the Indian health system?


New Technology vs. ‘Untreatable’ Depression

How technological devices are helping to fight ‘untreatable’ depression



UK: A Big Data & Machine Learning Approach to Diabetes?...

Outcomes Based Healthcare and Big Data Partnership have won an Innovate UK grant for a £1m project to change healthcare’s approach to diabetes


Africa: Looking at mHealth Initiatives Beyond Ebola

Numerous gains have been made in providing mHealth in Africa. Let’s take stock.



Africa: What Does Ebola Reveal About Business?

Does the Ebola crisis highlight the issues facing businesses across the continent?


Technology: The Challenge of Better Food Delivery

We investigate the paradox of India’s food system



West Africa: Tech & the Big Ebola Picture

How can technology really help in the fight against Ebola?


Google a Day Keeps Apple at Bay?

Apple and Google are both trying to win the healthcare race but who will be the winner?

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The Role of Wide Area Network Optimization in the Federal...

This paper explores insights into emerging trends and best practices for WAN optimization within the homeland security community.

EMC Corporation

Medical Records Management

University Hospitals Birmingham: Leading University Teaching...

This paper provides a case study of a leading university teaching hospital and the methods they employed to improve efficiency over two sites.

EMC Corporation

Medical Records Management

EMC Electronic Health Record (EHR) Infrastructure Solutions...

This paper can help you to implement an electronic health record (EHR) infrastructure to consolidate, virtualize, and manage clinical and business applications...

EMC Corporation

Medical Records Management

EMC Infrastructure Solutions for VMware Healthcare Environments...

In this paper learn how to maximize the value of your IT assets while reducing costs and improving efficiency. Learn more about creating VMware healthcare...

EMC Corporation

Storage Management

James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Read the paper and discover how the hospital consolidated its information infrastructure for high process automation and time savings for employees.

EMC Corporation

SAN Virtualization and Consolidation

Moving Toward the Healthcare Cloud – Step 1: Virtualization...

This paper explains more about the first step to the healthcare cloud: virtualization.

EMC Corporation


The Private Cloud for Healthcare Enables Coordinated Patient...

This paper explains the benefits the private cloud could have in the healthcare IT industry.


Mobile Device Management

The Municipality of Aarhus - Customer Case Study

This case study reveals how the Municipality of Aarhus in Denmark successfully improved efficiency and patient care by implementing a central mobile device...

SEQUEL Software

Business Intelligence Software

Managing Data and Healthcare Regulations Efficiently

Meeting healthcare regulatory requirements doesn’t have to mean enormous IT projects that last for months and consume your budget. Download this whitepaper...


Desktop Virtualization

Virtualizing the Clinical Desktop: The Bridge to an Improved...

As the healthcare industry evolves, virtual clinical desktops are gaining in popularity. This white paper aims to provide insight into desktop virtualization...

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