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    Training and Development


Cameroon: Kebisu Helps Get Girls Into Tech

Kebisu, a web tutoring platform helps get 8 – 18 year old girls into STEM field careers



Uruguay: Plan Ceibal & Improved Education?

How is Uruguay’s one laptop per child initiative working in practice?


The UK STEM Skills Gap – Hope For the Future?

Pete Baxter Vice President and Head of Autodesk UK discusses Science, Technology, Engineering, Digital Arts and Maths related careers.



Q&A With Wesley Lynch, CEO and Founder of Snapplify

Wesley Lynch, the CEO and Founder of Snapplify, talks about the growth and future of ePublishing in Africa.


STEM Skill Shortage: Lessons From the Financial Sector

It's not just government and the education sector that have to play a part in introducing skilled graduates to a STEM career, the wider STEM sector has a major role...



How Has Tech Impacted Home Schooling?

We look at how great technological strides in online learning have impacted home schooling


IT Careers: Less Professional Standing Than Architecture?...

Why IT careers should be given the same level of professional standing as architecture, teaching and accounting

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    Training and Development


Human Resources

Aberdeen - Succession Management: Sustainable Leadership...

This study of 260 organizations looks at how the Best-in-Class build and manage their succession bench to produce better results today and mitigate risk...


Training and Development

Transforming Education: The Power of ICT Policies

IT is drastically changing the face of education across the world. This white paper reveals trends across the world and discusses a framework for improving...

CornerStone OnDemand

Employee Relationship Management (ERM)

The Leadership Revolution: Developing Talent in the New...

Qualified talent is in short supply, and leadership positions are getting harder and harder to fill. Newly minted college graduates haven’t earned the...

Global Knowledge

Human Resources

2012 IT Skills and Salary Report

For the fifth year in a row, Global Knowledge and TechRepublic have partnered to create a comprehensive IT salary survey. The report includes a nationwide...

American Management Association

Training and Development

Developing Successful Global Leaders

The development of global leadership is now being identified as a priority issue. As a result, more organizations are investing in global leadership development...

Citrix Online

Web, Video and Audio Conferencing

10 Ways to Transform Your Business by Embracing Flexible...

The era of flexible work is here. But is your business ready? This white paper from Citrix provides 10 ways to advance your business in the age of flexible...


Storage Management

The 7 Deadly Skills Your IT Team Should Possess

This white paper from Skillsoft identifies the seven most important skills that your IT team should possess that will keep your day-to-day operations flowing...


Training and Development

The Tech-Savvy CEO: How IT Education Will Make You a Better...

This white paper explains how today’s CEOs need more than a passing knowledge of how technology is applied in their industry so that they can predict industry...


Human Resource Management

e-book: What Keeps Business Leaders Up At Night? A quick...

As a business leader, you have many reasons for insomnia. When you execute on strategy, you get a better night's sleep. Complete the form to download “What...

University of Southampton


A Comparison of Research into Computer Aided Training in...

This report compares the effectiveness of virtual reality and augmented reality training with old techniques to consider whether this form of training...

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