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Ghana: The tech startups scene

An overview of the tech startup scene in Ghana


New Year resolutions advice for IT people

Take no notice of the cynics who snipe at the concept of New Year resolutions. But keep them simple



The 2014 News Roundup

2014 Tech in a thousand words or less.


The Mexican Homeless: ICT for Change in Central America...

How is ICT for social change progressing in Central and Latin America?



Tommy Flowers: The Forgotten Father of Computing?

We discuss why Tommy Flowers, inventor of Colossus, is not as well-known as he ought to be


CNet in Print and the Old Economy’s Revival

The online publisher is producing a paper magazine: more evidence of the Old economy



New Stock Photo Library Helps Tell Africa’s Story

New website for African images intends to dominate and change the way Africa searches for its own pictures


Amelia: The Inevitable Next Step in AI?

We view a live demo of new AI assistant, Amelia, from IPsoft



Unify’s ‘iPhone for Conferencing’ Ansible Due Next Month...

Former Siemens Enterprise Communications plans first release of heralded ‘Project Ansible’


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Ivar Jacobson International

IT Services

Closing the Gap Between Business and IT

This paper explores how Business and IT can work better together.

Ivar Jacobson International

IT Services

Scaling Agility: Can Agile Scale? Of course it can!

Scrum is not the next "Silver-bullet", but there are many smart aspects of Agile. Read about how to make Agile work in a large organization. This white...

Ivar Jacobson International

Software Development Tools

Are You Ready for Iterative Development?

Iterative development is simple in concept: it is simply breaking a large project down into a series of smaller projects that deliver value in smaller...



Monitoring your IT Services: How the Cloud Changes Everything...

Discover how you can incorporate date center-level monitoring alongside the monitoring of outsourced, cloud computing, SaaS and other services. Read now...


IT Management Services

The Real-World Benefits of SAP Safeguarding Services

This paper introduces a software engineering solution with high technical support. Read the paper now and gain the knowledge needed to deploy systems more...

CA Technologies

Cloud Computing

5 Questions about ITSM and Cloud Computing

This paper discusses the impact of cloud computing on IT service management (ITSM). Read more and learn about the effect a cloud initiative can have on...


Cloud Computing

Solutions to Accelerate Cloud Deployment While Ensuring...

This white paper explains how to simplify and accelerate cloud deployment by implementing a service management solution. Find out how to boost the automation...


Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Monitoring as a Service (IMaaS) Explained...

Is IMaaS the future of infrastructure monitoring? This white paper looks at the capabilities of this solution, and examines how adopting infrastructure...


Human Resource Management

Is Your Current HR Service Delivery Model Working for You?...

This paper examines the service delivery challenges facing organizations today. Learn about a common approach to delivering world-class HR service and...

Serena Software

Operations Planning

Orchestrated Operations Management

This white paper discusses the many factors that are affecting IT operations. Read on and discover six steps to effective orchestrated operations management...

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