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Michael P Totten on 03 August 2013

In terms of leadership Google founders Page and Brin leave Facebook's Zuckerberg light years behind. P&B and team are solar and wind visionaries, investing billions making it happen, while FB founder/CEO Z and team give financial support expanding fossil fuels. I expect as a given all the IT firms to continuously innovate on ultra-efficient shrinking-footprint server farms and software algorithms, this is essential for business. The key difference is in their bigger sustainability energy visions, where FB fails mightily to date, while Google soars to higher heights.


triodethom on 04 August 2013

Nicola Tesla should have been quoted for AC power system as G. Westinghouse was the backer. Failure to say so shows the total lack of depth on your research for this so called article.


Roel Castelein on 06 August 2013

Tesla was definetly the technical genius behind AC, and lots more stuff, verging on the outerwordly. He claimed he dreamt up his inventions, and people in his dreams told him how to fix problems (I did my research). Some of Tesla's inventions still baffle people today, but he did not possess the business acumen of Westinghouse, nor of Edison.

“War of the Currents”: Google, Facebook & Thomas Edison (Sustainability in Tech, Part 2)

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