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Mobile Working

iPad for Business Survey 2012

This 2012 iPad for business research, based on interviews with IT and business professionals from every continent in the world, shows that despite a largely...

IDG Connect

Mobile Device Management

The Global Shift To Android: Business & IT Professionals...

The past isn’t always a reliable guide to the future and there’s nothing to guarantee Apple’s dominance of tablet markets will last. This paper from IDG...

IDG Connect

Business Management

Iraq: Spotlight

This spotlight report from IDG Connect focuses on IT in Iraq. Read it and discover new research and opinions from Iraqi experts.

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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Tablets 2020

This report features expert and local insight, as well as new research, into the growth of tablet devices across the world. It features spotlights on Africa,...

IDG Connect

Mobile Working

Brazil: Spotlight

This brand new report focuses on workplace mobility in Braxil. Discover the results of a brand new survey into business mobile use across the region.

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Business Management

Myanmar (Burma): Spotlight

This spotlight report focuses on Myanmar, and reveals the latest research as well as insider opinions on the state of IT and business in the country.

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Business Management

Tomorrow’s CIO: Perceptions of the South African IT industry...

New research shows that the majority SA IT professionals do not believe there are enough opportunities to advance into senior management positions. What...

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Internet Security

Africa 2013: Cyber-Crime, Hacking and Malware

As African economies improve thanks to the booming technology industry, IDG Connect investigates the impact of cyber threats in the four corners of the...

IDG Connect


ObamaCare: Legal Professionals’ View

Obama’s signature healthcare act has caused controversy since its introduction. New research from IDG Connect Law offers insight into the views of legal...

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Business Technology Optimization

Emerging Markets: No More BRICS In The Wall?

As the economies of the BRICS slow down, where will be the next region of growth? This report from IDG Connect investigates where IT & Business professionals...

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