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Undersea datacentres

Do you think undersea data centers are a good idea?

Altruistic Malware

Does Altruistic Malware introduce more risk despite good intentions?

Watch vs Smartwtach

Which type of wearable do you prefer?


Would you buy a modular phone?

Sealed Hardware

Does sealed hardware stifle innovation?


Is the internet a disappointment?

Climate Change

Is tech more of a problem or solution to climate change?

Agile & Global South

Can Agile bring economic success to emerging markets?

Intellectual Property

How important do you think protection of intellectual property rights is?

International Data Protection

Is it time for an international data protection and privacy governance framework?

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CIO Watch

Banks finally welcome cloud computing cover

Mark Chillingworth on IT leadership


Thinking Different

Bitcoin anonymity advocates ignore a darker truth

Jon Collins’ in-depth look at tech and society


China Rising

VPNs: The Cat-and-Mouse Game in China Continues

Phil Muncaster reports on China and beyond

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Do you think undersea data centers are a good idea?