Trump says mergers like AT&T/Time Warner ‘destroy democracy’...

Trump has vowed to block the $85 billion mega-merger of AT&T/Time Warner, but the heads of the telecom and media giants argue that the antitrust review will show...

Michigan approves cars without drivers or steering wheels...

The governor of Michigan today approved a series of bills that allow fully-autonomous vehicles, even those without steering wheels, to use its roadways.

AirPods miss is not Apple's first holiday sales flub

Apple's inability to ship its new AirPods wireless ear buds before this year's holiday sales season wasn't its first such misstep.

Could politics pull Zuckerberg away from Facebook?

An interesting line in a proxy Facebook issued earlier this year has some wondering whether CEO Mark Zuckerberg might be eyeing politics.

Rails web framework dumps jQuery

The venerated library is being removed in favor of a new Ruby gem that uses vanilla JavaScript

Follow-up: MS-DOS lives on after all

Microsoft wants to make it clear that the last bits of MS-DOS, cmd.exe, aren’t going away.

Intel, Microsoft going long distance with Cortana on Windows...

Intel and Microsoft are working on technology so you can shout out commands to Cortana or activate a PC from far.


Obama orders review of election hacks as Trump doubts Russia's...

President Barack Obama has ordered U.S. intelligence agencies to conduct a full review of the cyberattacks that allegedly tried to disrupt this year's election,...

Samsung to brick remaining Galaxy Note7s through software...

Battery charging to be severed starting Dec. 19, but Verizon doesn't want to release the update.


Ransomware attacks against businesses increased threefold...

The number of ransomware attacks targeting companies increased threefold from January to September, affecting one in every five businesses worldwide.

Android device updates: Android 7.1.1 brings a batch of...

For anyone still hanging onto Verizon's Droid Turbo, your patience has been rewarded with the debut of Android Marshmallow.

The future of AI is humans + machines

Columnist Rob Enderle writes that in the near future artificial intelligence agents will focus on all areas of business. But fear not, AI agents will not be replacing...

More Samsung foldable phone rumors: The first one may arrive...

A new report claims that two Samsung bendable phones may be on the way, including one that can still be used while closed.

Super Mario Run's always-on Internet requirement could ruin...

Super Mario Run—Nintendo's first mobile game—will require an always-on Internet connection to play, a requirement more common to console and AAA titles.


Attackers use hacked home routers to hit Russia's 5 largest...

Botnets made up of hacked home routers were used to launch distributed denial-of-service attacks against the five largest financial organizations in Russia.

Volvo lures McDonald's CDO to drive digital transformation...

The Swedish car maker hires Atif Rafiq to accelerate a digital transformation. At McDonald’s, Rafiq oversaw the launch of digital kiosks and table service at the...

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