Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Open Your Own Enterprise App Store - Learn How Chrysler Corporation, LLC and Other Companies Successfully Built and Use a Self-Service Enterprise App Store

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Category Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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Publish Date September 26 2012

Date posted September 26 2012


The helpdesk can become a bottleneck with increasing demands for software and hardware requests This is why IT organizations around the world are opening up enterprise app stores to make it faster, easier and more economical for their business users to get the applications they need. The self-service request, approval and delivery process means that users can now have an automated means to get the software, hardware and services through an enterprise app store seamlessly, ensuring security, regulatory and software license compliance and drastically reducing the number of requests going through the helpdesk. Learn how Flexera Software App Portal can help you create an easy to understand self-service environment for your organization. Hear More!


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