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5 Key App Trends for 2015: What You Need To Know To Drive Success On Mobile

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Publish Date May 12 2015

Date posted May 12 2015


With the mobile app responsible for more internet traffic than all the desktop machines in the world combined, and comfortably outscoring mobile internet 6:1 when it comes to time spent on smart devices, the message is clear: consumers love mobile apps. In 2015 those trends show no sign of stopping, and as they accelerate it will become clear that successful business and successful mobile app business are inseparable. If your app isn’t providing the sort of service your customers expect, your business is going to suffer.

So what will change? In this whitepaper we look at 5 key trends we believe will dominate the app ecosystem in 2015. Some relate to developments in technology, others to changes in how we will do business. All of them will have a huge impact on how brands and consumers interact on mobile.


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