Storage Management

Using Infrastructure Analytics to Modernize Storage Management

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Category Storage Management

Type Webinar

Length 00:36:21

Publish Date December 10 2015

Date posted December 10 2015


Sizing a virtualized datacenter for compute and memory is a fairly well understood endeavor. But designing storage for that same data center is often way more difficult, requiring large amounts of speculation and assumptions. 

You can finally take the guesswork out of storage design with infrastructure analytics. 

In this webinar, we discuss how you can use real-time VM and storage intelligence to perfect the storage experience. For example, you can learn how to: 
-Accurately understand workload behavior 
-Optimize storage for application rollouts and upgrades 
-Avoid storage overprovisioning costs 
-Streamline VM troubleshooting 

This session goes beyond IOPS and spindle counts, and is targeted at the Virtualization Administrator looking to better understand the top causes of storage issues, and how to overcome them through proactive storage design and management.

Every vendor, analyst, and small (but intelligent) child has an opinion on how best to address virtualization challenges. But most of products involve major rip/replace, and don’t solve all the issues you face with storage on a daily basis.


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