BYOD & IoT: The Growing Threat to Network Security

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Category Security

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Publish Date January 13 2016

Date posted January 25 2016


The majority of IT pros today are concerned with vulnerabilities posed by BYOD and IoT (Internet of Things) devices in the workplace. Personal electronics and smart technologies are penetrating even heavily regulated industries, with almost half of enterprises also looking to deploy IoT devices for security and monitoring.

With this proliferation, how can you get visibility of what’s really accessing the network, and retain control while giving users flexibility?

Join this session for practical insights from the guys who wrote the book on WLAN Security. Learn:

  • Today’s Wi-Fi security challenges, exploring the threat from inside and outside the network
  • Real life stories, hack forensics, best and worst practices
  • Approaches to on-boarding, policies, guest management, credentialing and authentication

Practical strategies, free tips, and top tools to protect your network


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