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Publish Date February 17 2016

Date posted February 22 2016


Would you be happy if the quality of the data used for your marketing activities was considered "somewhat good"? Well, 57% of marketers say they are working with "somewhat good" data! And you wouldn't believe how many say they are dealing with "somewhat poor" or "very poor" data.

As marketers become more focused on improving the customer experience, it is critical to include high quality data as a foundation for data-driven marketing efforts.

Learn about the trends for data quality and data-driven marketing in the Ascend2 benchmark report “Data-Driven Marketing Trends: How and why data quality will optimize the effectiveness of your data-driven marketing strategy”. The findings reveal what your peers are saying about the:
•    Key objectives of a data-driven marketing strategy
•    Most challenging obstacles to success
•    Resources used to improve data quality

To learn more about the impact of data quality on marketers and how they are overcoming the most challenging obstacles to data-driven marketing success, download a complimentary copy of this valuable report now!


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