Patch Management

Nine Simple (but Critical) Tips for Effective Patch Management

Provided by Dell, Inc

Category Patch Management

Type White Paper

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Publish Date July 27 2015

Date posted February 24 2016


As intrusion points continue to expand in scope, making malicious attacks ubiquitous and harder to prevent than ever, an effective patch management strategy might appear the first line of defense in building endpoint security. However, the complexity and scope of the task has often undermined its success. Patch management can also seem like a massive, endless burden: patch management can easily consume
huge amounts of time and money, yet informal, ad hoc patching without a central strategy often fails to deliver what patching is supposed to deliver—a safe, secure and available IT infrastructure.
With just a few practices and capabilities, patch management can actually become an easily executed task. In this paper, we’ll review nine simple tips that can make patch management simpler, more effective and less expensive.



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