2016 Cyber Risk Report

Provided by HPE Software

Category Cybercrime

Type Analyst Report

Length 96

Publish Date February 05 2016

Date posted March 10 2016


HPE Security Research brings together data and research to produce a detailed picture of both sides of the security coin—the state of the vulnerabilities and threats composing the attack surface, and the ways adversaries exploit those weaknesses to compromise targets. HPE's continuing analysis of threat actors and the methods they employ guides defenders to better assess risk and choose appropriate controls and protections.

In this report HPE provide a broad view of the 2015 threat landscape, ranging from industry-wide data to a focused look at different technologies, including open source, mobile, and the Internet of Things. The goal of this report is to provide security information leading to a better understanding of the threat landscape, and to provide resources that can aid in minimizing security risk.


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