2015 Q4 Cybercrime Report

Provided by ThreatMetrix

Category Cybercrime

Type Analyst Report

Length 33

Publish Date January 25 2016

Date posted March 17 2016


There has been a lot of talk about the many high profile data breaches and their irreversible impact on the face of cybercrime. However, as we look back at 2015, the biggest theme that emerges is the continued digitization of consumers that is fuelling the growth of the “digital first” economy. The growth of online and mobile transactions continues to outpace brick-and-mortar commerce, epitomized by this year’s holiday shopping which occurred predominantly online rather than in-store. As digital stores and channels gained sales and traffic at the expense of brickand- mortar stores which lost traffic, the concept of lining up for deals on ‘Black Friday’ seems like another old business concept that needed “digital innovation”.

This report covers the detected cybercrime attacks from Q4 of 2015 and how to better protect against these crimes.


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