When On-The-Job Training Is a Recipe for Disaster: How Security Simulation Prepares IT Staff for APTs, Breaches and Data Leakages

Provided by Symantec Corporation

Category Cybercrime

Type Analyst Report

Length 6

Publish Date August 04 2015

Date posted April 05 2016


If you expect your cybersecurity staff to acquire the knowledge and skills they need through self-directed study and on-the-job training, you’re going to be disappointed. There is too much to learn, and few members of the IT staff have the time to research every new threat. And you can’t afford to suffer through APTs, breaches and data leakages just to provide “teachable moments” for IT personnel. This white paper from Symantec discusses the shortcomings of on-the-job training and conventional classroom instruction for cybersecurity and reviews the characteristics of successful security simulation programs.


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