Tier 1 IT Manufacturer Product End-of-Life and End-of-Support Dates

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Publish Date October 12 2015

Date posted May 02 2016


The consequences End-of-Life (EOL) software and hardware—and products at End-of-Support (EOS)—are too great to ignore. While security breaches due to obsolete technology are headliners in the media, inadequate product support also puts enterprises at risk of:
•    being out of compliance
•    increasing the cost of support
•    reducing performance and productivity
•    disrupting availability of critical processes
To reduce the risks and costs associated with end-of-life software and hardware, you first must know if you have it and where it resides. But finding the EOL and EOS dates and accurately locating all the instances of the obsolete product isn’t easy.

Download the Tier 1 IT Manufacturer Product EOL and EOS Dates List to see 3500+ products from Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, SAP, IBM and more that have EOL dates through 12/31/16, and their corresponding obsolete dates. This is just a glimpse into the industry’s most authoritative catalog of enterprise IT data housed in BDNA Technopedia®.

Download the report today.


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